REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche 928 GTS •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche 928 GTS

As you may or may not know, the Porsche 928 at some point during conception was billed to replace the iconic 911 platform (thank goodness that didn’t happen).  Not that the 928 platform is wrong or not refined, it’s just nothing can really replace the 911.  Many variants of the 928 where issued during time 1978 – 1995, one being the 928 GTS.  With that the latest model to be placed under the microscope is one of GT Spirit’s latest additions, the Porsche 928 GTS in Light Blue.


The hobby edition of the GT Spirit 928 GTS is featured in a subtle but beautiful light blue exterior (sorry I’m not sure what Porsche’s given name is for the colour).  The finish in typical GT Spirit fashion is flawless throughout.  Shutlines and panel gaps are perfect, again typical of resin sealed models.  Body lines mimic the original car from front to rear nicely.  Based on photos I reviewed I cannot detect any inaccuracies.  The pop-up headlights are present but fixed.  This is one feature from a traditional diecast model I miss.  AUTOart’s execution of the 928 is a perfect example of this.  Ride height is perfect which sets the stage for the wheels…



The wheels on the 928 GTS are exceptional!  They are as good, if not better, than their previous effort on the Porsche 964.  Fit and finish is perfect, so good in fact, that they look aftermarket, something you would purchase via Uli Nowak’s aftermarket assortment.  The goodness doesn’t stop here.  Look behind the wheels to reveal the highly detailed vented rotor and brake caliper.  Well done GT Spirit!


porsche_928gts8 porsche_928gts7

The interior is completed in black (just like I prefer), which works well with the blue exterior, and doesn’t date the car with a more traditional retro styling of the time.  Much to see inside, dash bits and multiple audio system speaker points are captured throughout, though GT Spirit neglected the addition of carpeting.


Underneath the model is the biggest surprise.  There is much more detail than on past releases from the team.  Front features cooling/aerodynamic details, while the exhaust system flows to the rear and meets the nicely executed muffler with chrome tips.  I’ll take the credit for the somewhat upgraded undercarriage, as I mentioned in past reviews it was somewhat crude, lol.


The Porsche 928 GTS may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  For a Porsche fan like myself, seeing the evolution of a platform through various tweaks is a must have.  Execution on the whole is very good, a nice piece you can display with pride.  The only negatives here are that the model is sealed and there is no interior carpeting.  The 928 GTS is currently available in Light blue as featured here and the Club Edition in Maroon.  Enjoy the pics!

porsche_928gts2 porsche_928gts3 porsche_928gts5

porsche_928gts9 porsche_928gts10 porsche_928gts12

porsche_928gts13 porsche_928gts15 porsche_928gts17


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  1. Tony Antonowicz says:

    I would like to purchase the GTS PORSCHE 928 model, as I have a 1995 blue just like the model. Please give information where one can buy it.

  2. Christian Lebert says:

    Good day,

    I would like to purchase the 928 GTS in ” Dove Blue Metallic” (Porsche paintwork)

    Please contact me.

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