REVIEW: Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F12 Berlinetta •

REVIEW: Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

It’s Ferrari weekend on, today I feature the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta from Hot Wheels Elite.  At first the initial press photos released by Hot Wheels Elite were a little lack lustre, instead maintaining steady course as per their two recent stellar releases as the 458 Italia Coupe and 458 GT2 I thought the team may be taking a step backwards, thankfully this is not the case.  For an average retail around $100 in North America Hot Wheels Elite is officially the best bang for the buck!  They have no equals in my opinion.  Now if someone could convince then to diversify their skill sets into other popular automobiles that would be something…


ferrari_f12bert19  ferrari_f12bert16


The exterior is a work of art, but Ferraris usually are.  The team at Hot Wheels Elite did a terrific job replicating this monster F12.  Lines are very good and panel gaps are minimal.  I would mention the alignment of the upper door with the rear panel is slightly off but nothing you should worry about.  The decals are flat/photo etched for the most part but are more than acceptable at this price point.  Side markers are plastic not painted, nice touch.  I did notice some ruff paint work on the front edge of the doors, but it is not noticeable from a distance only on close inspection.  Overall it works, and very well indeed!



The wheels are a work off art, fit and finish is fantastic.  I’m so relived they look better than the press photos.  I like others would have preferred another wheel option but I think this may in the works for future releases by the Hot Wheels Elite team.  Rotors and calipers seem in spec and everything works wells together, true to the 1:1.

 ferrari_f12bert12  ferrari_f12bert6


Interiors from Hot Wheels Elite are considered some of the best and the F12 Berlinetta is no exception.  The two-tone black and tan is very sexy combination, and in my opinion you never fail with this combo.  The detail on the dash is great and doors to boot, checkout those photos! Carpeting is present but it is a material/finish accustomed to Hot Wheels models, works well and continues into the storage area.  Two large hinges give you access to the boot, no struts or finer detail here, as usually found in higher price AUTOart models.  I wish this would become standard in future models for both front and rear.  One can only hope.


ferrari_f12bert8  ferrari_f12bert5

The motor is executed nicely as the photos will illustrate.  Everything seems to be there and in place.  The only miss and most likely a cost measure cut was the absence of any carbon fiber finish.  If you review photos of the 1:1 it is littered with carbon fibre, boo to you Hot Wheels Elite!  I don’t display my models in the open position, and I believe many others don’t either so I’ll chalk this up to a minor miss.  As mentioned above no struts hooding up the hood, this would be a nice addition, are you listening Hot Wheels Elite!



It now comes time to recommend or not recommend this model, this was an easy one, without a doubt, Ferrari or no Ferrari fan this one is a must!  Trust in me you will not be disappointed the model is above expectations, and puts many higher price brands to shame.  Don’t wait until you can’t find your favourite colour; go buy one in Red, Yellow, or Blue today!  Enjoy the pics!

ferrari_f12bert7  ferrari_f12bert10  ferrari_f12bert13

ferrari_f12bert3  ferrari_f12bert20  ferrari_f12bert21

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  1. Safwan says:

    How much is it?

  2. Adrindra says:

    Hi, DS nice review as usual! BTW I’m on big dilemma right now. I had to choose only 1 between F12 or 458 spider :( any suggestions?

    • DS Team says:

      Thank you. Tough decision, do you have the Ferrari 458 Coupe? If no I would go for the 458. As soon as you saved enough for the Ferrari F12 BUY IT TOO!!!

  3. Sonny says:

    Which one do you recommend, between Ferrari 458 Spider and this? cheers!

  4. cat tembok says:

    I bought one from a facebook group in Indonesia named Diecast scale 18 & 24 in a new and smooth state, worth $ 94.37. Like a miracle.

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