More Classic Racing Tecnomodel - BRM and Ferrari! •

More Classic Racing Tecnomodel – BRM and Ferrari!

They might not be the most detailed pieces, but credit must be given to Tecnomodel for championing the classic race cars assortment.  The latest efforts are some of the coolest cars to hit the tarmac!  Race cars from BRM and Ferrari 312 F1 are featured, each crafted in 1:18 scale, resin and sealed.  No official word on a release date, however, we suspect Q2/Q3 2023.

TM18-285A – BRM P 160B 1972 Winner Monaco GP #17
TM18-285B – BRM P 160B 1972 British GP #14
TM18-285C – BRM P 160B 1972 French GP #23
TM18-285D – BRM P 160B 1972 Spain GP #28

TM18-200A – Ferarri 312 F1 1969 Chris Amon Test
TM18-200B – Ferarri 312 F1 1969 Mexico GP #12
TM18-200C – Ferrari 312 F1 1969 Spain GP #15
TM18-200D – Ferrari 312 F1 1969 South Africa GP #9

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