This weekend is dedicated to pocket rockets.  These cars are defined as budget cars with a lot of testosterone and are considered very light on the pocketbook.  The first of two is the NSU TTS.  A new special edition released by Revell is a livery free and limited edition of 1000 pieces.  I was actually considering making my Speiss S into a presentation/streetcar, now no longer required.  The original series of NSU TT and TTS was showcased back in the early to mid-2000s.  About 7-8 livery cars were produced, all of which were limited to 2500 pieces worldwide.  And all of which are VERY rare to come by today.  I will lucky enough to score the NSU TT Speiss S a few years ago, which I now recently sold.  Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the history of the car, but I do know I like small compact cars, from the seventies and eighties.  The NSU with its Fait inspired looks and the unique rear-mounted engine is a true gem in my collection.


  nsu_tts2  nsu_tts3

The no-nonsense exterior and interior are built for one thing RACING!  The lines are true to the 1:1 from what I can gather.  The paint is above average, though some orange peel effect is visible.  The Jägermeister Orange is a perfect colour choice for such an unusual automobile too.  Panel gaps are decent around the doors and rear hatch but the mechanics on the doors are a bit flimsy, especially the passenger side.  This can be attributed to the old school hinge work from Revell that was not updated for this new release.  Overall everything works well.


nsu_tts5  nsu_tts6

The wheels are unique to the NSU racing livery, a two-piece wheel that falls a little short in execution in 1:18 form.  The chrome work is sufficient but the rim is a little rough around the edges.  Tires are racing slicks and low profile.  Though not perfect for a budget model I can live with the shortcoming.



Turning to the motor we head to the rear of the car.  The NSU has a rear-mounted motor, for hill climbs and auto-X, the weight balance here is quite remarkable for the period.  Not much going on inside the engine bay as the rear deck access is limited to opening up a few millimetres.  Revel also includes two pins to prop the hood in place.  This serves two purposes, rear spoiler and motor cooling.  Sideswipe exhaust is another cool feature here.

nsu_tts11  nsu_tts10


The interior is sparse, but that is expected from a ‘racing’ car.  Features include a traditional NSU dash, single racing seat, fire extinguisher, and roll cage.  Fit and finish on all pieces are better than expected for a budget car, but a little paint on the pedals and shifter would have been a nice touch.  I guess I could do this myself…



This car isn’t for everyone, in most cases, people won’t even know what an NSU TT is.  I know I was naive until I saw photos of the model a few years ago.  From my perspective, I’m happy that this car is now in my collection.  Being a fan of presentation autos, the limited edition release afforded me this without the required work of a re-spray and such.  Also, the price was fair around $64CND.  A quick Google the NSU will return a lot of cool racing videos that just may inspire you too.  I guess I’ll let you can decide if you want to add one, enjoy the pics!

nsu_tts14  nsu_tts15  nsu_tts17

nsu_tts12  nsu_tts19  nsu_tts20


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  1. Carl Bosman says:

    I love these!. I was fortunate enough to locate one in Holland about 4 months ago. It’s the two-tone white and orange # 303 racing version of Henny Geenen.

  2. I look for unusual and eclectic cars, and when it comes to unusual Revell is the name that’s resounding in my ear !! As a make they have there shortcomings….No opening trunks . They may have real aspect hinges on the doors but they’re the cheap stiff kind. All that being said I love Gogomobiles and Borgwards Isetta’s , and Yes NSU’s which I’m glad to tell you I have one of……I have the TT not the TTI in that same orange ,and I love it !! It doesn’t have all the cool racing features of the TTI, or those wild wheels ,but it does have great european hubs with correct ventilated outer rings on its skinny tires and the articulation on the front steerable wheels is exceptionally flexible Beyond that Revell’s build virtues are a mixed bag..good chrome good paint some outdated technology, but most of all a list of unusual tools not made in 1/18th by any other manufacturer this brand is like Ricko (gone now, unfortunately) ,or Jadi to a lesser degree , these companies made and make the unlikely , unusual, and the interesting !! I also have their Volvo P18 , 544 , and I’m always looking for other oddballs It’s likely true that I’m a bit older than many of you folks who are collecting and many of these shapes and names are like coming home for me,…..but I tell you I really do get tired of looking over collections of Lambo’s and a compendium of all the other new supercars They’re beautiful , they’re great ,but there’s an awful lot more to see in all the other wonders in the auto world that got us where we are now !! Good collecting , Keep an open mind.

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