REVIEW: Sun Star 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III Hard Top •

REVIEW: Sun Star 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III Hard Top

Words and photos courtesy of Wes Shakirov / StratosWRC


Back in the 1950s, big cars with big fins ruled America, with the Cadillac Eldorado being the most famous of them all. A less well-known, and finless, car was built in 1958 by Lincoln, and it was called the Continental MkIII. The design brief set out to outdo the competition in every regard, and this car did just that. Painted in aptly named Presidential Black, it was the biggest uni-body car ever made, even bigger than the Eldorado. And even though it weighed 5000 lbs, the 375 bhp V8 could waft it from 0 to 60 mph in a very respectable 9 seconds. All this performance came at a price: it could only do about 9 miles to the gallon. Good thing gas only cost 30 cents a gallon back then! But then again, in 1958, the US was going through a recession, which hurt sales immensely.

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental

The Continental was absolutely loaded with all kinds of luxury accoutrements, such as power windows (even that cool, raked rear window), ceiling-mounted air conditioning, and a padded dashboard, to name a few. It cost twice as much as the Cadillac, and Lincoln never managed to sell that many, losing $1000 on every (mostly hand-built) car. It was never marketed as a Lincoln, and sold as a Continental instead, although it shared the body with the standard model. In fact, even on the model, nowhere does it say that it’s a Lincoln. There are some lovely photo-etched Lincoln badges here and there, but the only word you’ll find is “Continental III”.

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental7

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental16

Maybe it’s just me, but I find this car stunningly, achingly gorgeous. It epitomizes cool, and looks great from every angle. From those angled headlights, to the gorgeous photo-etched chrome grilles front and rear, to the beautifully angled “breezeway” window that retracts behind the seats. And it goes on for miles! In fact, it is the longest Lincoln ever made. I really give credit to Sun Star for making this car and the Platinum series in general.

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental2

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental23

Praise aside, the model itself is not perfect. The paint is absolutely excellent, but the panel gaps could have been much better. The wheels are a little flimsy and have a mind of their own, while the whitewall print is sticky and tends to collect dust or whatever is on your fingers, so avoid touching them! You have to keep in mind that this model can be found for under $100, so it is great value. You will not find anything better for that money. It is obviously hefty, but has some delicate details, like the photo-etch badges. The hinges on the front bonnet are multi-piece items, and same with the doors, but the trunk has dog legs. Mind you, the real thing has dog-legs too, just not as big. The rear wheels are covered with removable plastic slats, that are quite easy to operate. The suspension is fully functional, and the car settles regally when put down. The chrome trim could have been a little more slender, but I’m not going to argue at this price point.

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental22

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental14

The interior and trunk are both carpeted, and the sun visors are functional. The engine looks great, but really, you don’t buy this car for its engine, you buy it for the sheer presence. Having said that, it’s good to see that Sun Star did not cheap out on the details either, as there are tiny warning stickers with small print in the engine bay and on the doors. A word of caution: do not wipe the car with a cloth, as those photo-etch badges look like they can definitely be wiped away. They are extremely delicate, so use a make up brush, or something similar (gentle strokes!) to get rid of dust. Be mindful of the hood ornament as well.

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental17

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental8

So what we have here is a high quality replica of a true classic, with presence few models can match. Indeed, I had no idea what to pair it with on the shelf, so I put it in its own display case, and alone it sits, like a king looking over its subjects, instantly one of my favourite models. Once you see it in a display case, it becomes clear that this car is meant to be displayed that way. This was my first experience with Sun Star’s Signature line, and I have to say, I am very impressed! This model is highly recommended, and I will definitely be adding several more American Classics.

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental3 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental4 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental5

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental9 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental10 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental11

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental12 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental13 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental15

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental18 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental19 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental20

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental21 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental22 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental25

Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental26 Sunstar 1958 Lincoln Continental27

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  1. DS Team says:

    Wes this is a most beautiful piece, thanks again for the excellent review. The model excels on many levels, and based on price point seems to be a GREAT value for the $$

  2. Tyler says:

    I just got this in the light copper color and I think it is overall a beautiful model with great detail. I just wish the small details weren’t soo flimsy! I already broke off a photo etch emblem on the C pillar and the decorative chrome piece on the passenger side fin. The emblem had one point of the star bent slightly out of the box and I touched it just to attempt to smooth it out and it fell off (I was being very careful as I knew these were fragile on these models). The chrome piece I just barely caught the edge of it with my polishing cloth and it also fell off. I feel like I can’t even polish it without pieces breaking off in my hand and I am a very careful adult collector! I will exchange it and pray I have better luck the second time around

  3. Marc Rettus says:

    I just posted a picture of the real car on a photo site. What a massive car!! This looks like a great model for the price!! Thanks for reviewing.

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