REVIEW: GT Spirit Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series

The latest review features the GT Spirit Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series. This car requires no introduction, a high-level synopsis could be stated as so: take a nicely engineered AMG car, add a little “black” magic, and you have a recipe for fun! As mentioned, the car is manufactured by GT Spirit. The exterior colour is Solarbeam Orange, and let me tell you, photos of the car don’t do this colour any justice, it’s quite remarkable in person. To date, the car is available in White (dealer edition) with Black (special hobby edition) also being recently introduced.


The exterior lines are spot on. GT Spirit is known for capturing all the detail as accurately as possible and the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series is no exception. Shutlines and panel gaps are always excellent, as we’re dealing with a sealed resin model. Solarbeam Orange paint is flawless throughout, and mates perfectly with the black carbon fibre bits. If I have to fault anything here, I’d say maybe the weave on the carbon fiber could be a little tighter in presentation.


The front of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series is very aggressive and beautifully reproduced.  Centre grille is still a solid piece but surprisingly the lower three grilles are perforated; this is a rare occurrence on resin models – well done GT Spirit! If I had one complaint, and it’s a minor one, the chrome work on the centre grille and emblem could have been executed with just a little more care.



The rear is much like the front; overall execution is spot on and mirrors the original. There have been some complaints from collectors that the two supports for the rear spoiler are too thick and out of scale. Based on photos I’ve studied I have to agree, though it doesn’t take away from the entire exterior presentation in any way.


The wheels on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series are a masterpiece, something I’ve been accustomed to seeing from GT Spirit. Detail is right down to the AMG lettering around the rim. The life-like rotors with their slightly machined surface and the massive red calipers all work in creating an exceptional package. Well done folks!



The interior is nicely appointed. Main colour is black with chrome accents and carbon fibre bits. Rear section with seats deleted is nicely carpeted and the model features red material for seatbelts, which all adds to the overall realism to the model.


The undercarriage is quite sparse, which is typical of resin pieces. Basically the exhaust system is highlighted in silver and the limited edition badge showing #1479 of 1500.


This one is definitely recommended! Overall, the model is near perfect other than a few minor misses. The exterior colour is nothing less than stunning, I’m sure you’ll agree if you have one or in the market for one. If I could have a diecast version with opening bits, this I would prefer, but I’ll take what I can in 1:18 scale, especially if the marque is AMG and the layered Black Series trim from the Mercedes-Benz brand. Enjoy the pics!

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mb_c63blackseries16 mb_c63blackseries17 mb_c63blackseries18

mb_c63blackseries19 mb_c63blackseries21 mb_c63blackseries22

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  1. Davin Kumar says:

    I’m a little skeptical when its comes to Fully sealed models. But for the offered price.. GT Spirit seemed a reasonable gamble. I have to admit….I was stunned that such finest at this price range was even possible. Hats off to the workers in China. They really did an excellent Job. The smell of fresh paint amazed me when I opened the box. Paint Quality…top notch!! I don’t care about opening parts…coz I consider touching such a beauty is a sin….hahahaha :)

  2. Alec says:

    Very good review. Recently GT Spirit released the face lifted Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG S 4Matic in 1:18 scale, in the dealer edition white with silver wheels and black leather upholstery or Cavansite Blue with black wheels and white leather upholstery, which looks promising. I am hoping to get the blue one in upcoming weeks and it has been priced at about the same as this model. I hope it lives up to the same standards as this one, with perforated grilles and carbon and all the other details GT Spirit offers! :)

  3. Waleed says:

    Hey there
    How much it cost ?

  4. Waleed says:

    I wanna buy one!

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