Soldio 2021 Catalogue •

Soldio 2021 Catalogue

Solido is posed to seriously disrupt the budget-friendly assortment in 2021. As previously discussed within our up-close interview with the team, 2021 is looking seriously promising!  New models will be on tap monthly.  Not to mention Solido Premiere to come in 2022; a new series of model cars with full 360 access and interiors to rival sister brand GT Spirit.  More information HERE.

Solido 2021 Catalogue HERE

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  1. JIMMY says:

    Like the way this catalog is laid out (by country of vehicle origin). Makes it easier to search for them.

    I am used to seeing cars like the R35 Liberty Walk being resin only, so it’s going to be weird to see something along those lines with opening parts, even if it’s just the doors.

    Future looks bright for Solido. The only bummer is that 2022 seems so far away, but then again, stuff like this takes time.

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