Almost Real Dealer Edition NIO EP9 - Version II •

Almost Real Dealer Edition NIO EP9 – Version II

We reviewed the original NIO EP9 release in 2018.  Back then two versions were available, closed and fixed spoiler (up position).  Well, this latest release takes the scale replica a little bit further, and we like it even more!  The latest effort features a fully working rear spoiler, and the best part, the rechargeable batteries on either side are actually accessible just like the real thing.  This one is on the must-have list for 2020.

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11 Responses to "Almost Real Dealer Edition NIO EP9 – Version II"

  1. Kevin says:

    This looks more than just great! Where will such a model be aviable?

  2. Karsten says:

    Wow, 1:18 I assume?

  3. Pratip says:

    Wow….just awesome…when will this be available?? What will be the expected price??

  4. Kevin says:

    Where do you have the pictures from? King Regards :)

  5. PIERRE LAGACE says:

    J`aime bien ce model, la nio ep9 , j`aimerais savoir comment se fixe les batteries sur le s cotés de la voiture (avec éman ou clics ) et aussi les roues roulent-ils sur ce model ! Je lis toutes vos chroniques Big Fan de DS.

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