PHOTO GALLERY: BoS Jaguar Mark X / 420 G •

PHOTO GALLERY: BoS Jaguar Mark X / 420 G

For those who have a Jaguar theme in their collection and wish to make their range of Jags more complete: Long after the original release, Best of Show (BoS) has just released a second colour for their Jaguar Mark X aka 420 G in this later version that had been updated from its original 3.8-litre engine shared with the E-Type and Mark 2 to the 4.2 litres that would power the XJ Series 1 later. Styling, too, foreshadows the first XJ generation. It is an important milestone in Jaguars history. It is huge, in fact, the largest Jag ever built, and even dwarfs the X350 series XJ that some regard as a cat having grown a little too fat.

The big cat comes in sealed resin, as usual with BoS, and its wing mirrors are detached. And that seems to be an issue: Whereas the driver´s side mirror fits into its side of the wing, the passenger side won´t. And that not only on that first specimen pictured here with only one mirror, but the replacement´s mirrors don´t fit in either of the two models. Modelcarworld, who owns BoS, is very cooperative in trying to figure out if that is a common issue for all the Mark Xs and solve the problem, so stay tuned for an update. Another minor issue recurring on both specimens is that the front number plate comes off due to its overhang colliding with the lower styrofoam shell. In addition to that, the second model came with its front bumper detached and dangerously rattling around the box plus the common resin model issue of windows not glued on properly. Honest as always, we advise you to be aware of these risks and buy from sources with good customer service only. The model is limited to 300 pieces and originally costs 120 € (Beware of those eBay (re-)sellers who ask for more than 250€).


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  1. flathead says:

    Haven’t seen anything from BoS for awhile. Nice to see they’re still at it! Everything looks decent (if you don’t mind painted rather than chrome trim) except the greenhouse. Resin models never even approach diecast in this area, but IMHO, BoS does worse than average with this. My recommendation is to buy only roadster and convertible models from them. Their execution on those is excellent.

  2. Kostas says:

    I have one model car from BoS in my collection, the Audi V8 1992 in 1/18. It was very hard to get it, as it is extremely rare and very sought after and I think that currently BoS is the only model car company that produced this specific model.

    The Audi V8 is a beautiful and very well made model car from BoS, with a very nice paint job, taking always in mind the company standarts and the price range. I wanted it to complete my Audi saloon line and I think that as an overall stance and shelf presence it works really well. I am verry happy with it.

  3. Jelle says:

    Would like to add this one to the collection. Just hope it will be available for month more or so, since I’ve spent a bit too much on models this month, with all the black friday deals.
    I have the Rolls-Royce Camargue, a Fiat Dino Coupe, Jaguar XJ 5.3 Tourist Trophy, Opel Kadett A and Saab 92b. All excellent models imho. I’m quite a fan of the brand.

  4. michel hammarrenger says:

    How much do you sell this jaguar mark X 420G

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