REVIEW: Kiloworks Mercedes-AMG ONE (C298) •

REVIEW: Kiloworks Mercedes-AMG ONE (C298)

This will probably be the shortest full review ever on this website. The reason is very simple. The “new” Kiloworks Mercedes AMG ONE is in fact the exact same model as NZG´s I reviewed earlier, so for almost everything I can simply refer you back to that earlier review, including the photos.

The only, but decisive difference is: This time the engine covers are not glued close, but only held in place by magnets and can be opened to reveal engine details in decent depth and attention to quite some detail. It is certainly not a shallow engine plate, but it does not blow you away either. See for yourself in the few new photos.

Everything else remains the exact same. Even the weight is about the same at 600 gr, with the NZG being just a few grammes lighter. The bottom plate has “Mercedes AMG ONE” moulded into the exact same spot and the models only differ in that the NZG has “NZG Modelle GmbH. Scale 1:18 Made in China. Art.-No. 1067. B66961042” printed on in white colour between the front wheels, while the Kiloworks´ same white print merely says “1:18 Made in China”. With them using the same screws and mounting bracket, you even could mount the models in each other´s packaging. Cheekily, they retail at about the same price: NZG asks 153,50€ on its website, albeit not in the same colour as the black star-splattered dealer edition I reviewed, which will cost 140 to 150€. The Kiloworks only being slightly more at 165€ makes you feel cheated by NZG, who apparently bent over backwards to ask the factory to unnecessarily cut corners, not make an engine, seal the bay and have the Kiloworks delayed by 6 months.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Yes, shortest review ever LOL!

    It’s quite a shame from my standpoint, literally days after purchasing the NZG the Kilo Works was released. I was definitely disappointed at not having access to the motor… NZG has lost some love with me!

    The question remains, is there anything under the NZG release?

    • Nick says:

      Not sure if you have seen this review on YouTube, but this guy takes apart the NZG AMG One and you can actually see what’s in the engine bay and all (from around 6:08 onwards). I would say the Kiloworks engine details isn’t too shabby :)

      • DS Team says:

        LOL, problemed solved! Though, I’m truly disappointed that NZG did go that extra mile!

      • Karsten says:

        Thanks for this! Thank god I did not try this at home! I would probably have ruined the NZG! Obviously KILOworks have replaced the NZG engine module (which is screwed on separately) with their own version. The very fact that the engine module is designed as a separate/replacable part (when it would have been cheaperand easier to mould everything as ONE piece) suggests that KILOworks´ later upgrade was pre-meditated by the industry.

  2. Karsten says:

    I have tried to find out whether there is anything under the NZG cover: Glancing through the slits it looks as if there was something silver cylindric (which would not match what needs to be there). I was as far as removing the rear screws to lift the entire bottom plate off. But I cannot find more screws that seem to release it. Screws visible in the front wheel arches more seem to be for the doors. So, before I ruin the NZG, Í would rather not solve the mystery.

  3. Jelle says:

    I was eyeing the NZG, but this one is much more attractive now. Only wondering where to find this in Europe…

    • Karsten says:

      Sorry, cannot help there, this was bought from China.

      • Karsten says:

        Actually, there is one on ebay sold from Berlin … for 329 Euros, which is twice what I paid. So I could have ordered two, sell one at 329 Euros and have mine for free.

        • Jelle says:

          Thanks. Yes, I saw it on Aliexpress as well, but inly the red version. Hope to get a silver one with stars at some point. And I suppose that Kiloworks is limited in production.

  4. Pratip says:

    Is the silver colour also coming

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