PHOTO GALLERY: American Diorama Camel Trophy Crew •

PHOTO GALLERY: American Diorama Camel Trophy Crew

American Diorama features many attractive figurines to complement any display of model cars. Their latest line is a crew of 8 men labouring to move a stuck 4×4 in the Camel Trophy competition:

One topless guy in a hat wipes off the sweat, a second rolls up his sleeves while moving in to lend a hand, a third gloved man pushes hard, a fourth is shovelling away, a fifth, bearded guy is waving and shouting directions to move towards him, both in shorts and gloves, a sixth is lifting and seventh laying a sand ladder (included with each of them as a mere cardboard replica, but easily and better replaced with better kit like the metal ones supplied with AR´s Camel Trophy vehicles), while an eighth in a cap kneels and provides coverage for posterity as a cameraman.

Each of them is nicely painted with their shoes and clothing smudged with dirt. Looking closely, you can see a Land Rover logo on an oval and the Camel Trophy logo colourlessly moulded into the figures above their shirts´ breast pockets – but I have put a coloured sticker there on top for a better effect. These complement a Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender, Range Rover or Discovery nicely, especially the dirty versions and help bring the display to life, don´t they? But they´ll work for other offroad scenarios too. In fact, AD advertises them with Willy´s Jeep.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Very cool, thanks for sharing. Personally, I never understood the attraction to figurines in general or provide the required space too. But looking at your display each tells a possible story. Well done!

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