REVIEW: Solido (1:43) McLaren 765 LT V8-Biturbo (Green/Orange) •

REVIEW: Solido (1:43) McLaren 765 LT V8-Biturbo (Green/Orange)

Solido is expanding rapidly into 1:43 scale with new models from various car manufacturers, and today we will be moving to England in order to inspect something sporty and exotic. I recently received two Solido McLaren 765 LT V8-Biturbo models in green and orange, both manufactured in 1:43rd scale, which I will review for you today. Taking a closer look at the models in their boxes, you will notice they are crafted in slightly different specs. At first glance, the green one seems to be my preferred choice even though I usually lean towards the orange. Let’s compare the two!

Both models are packaged in Solido’s usual 1:43 scale fashion with an outer paper sleeve, a black base to which a model is mounted, and a clear case that narrows on top to allow multi-case stacking. I have unscrewed both models from the base in order to let them free as I am sure some collectors may display them loose without the case.

As with all 1:43 scale Solidos, these McLarens are produced in metal with a closed body shell, side windows present, and no opening parts. When you look at the doors on both models, you will get the impression that they open up. This is because it looks as if the door panels are separate pieces. Is that a good thing? Well, yes and no. Let me explain. The good – is a separate piece means the door shut lines look as if the door is functional. You will also notice the doors are not exactly aligned with the rest of the body, again making you believe they open. It can trick you, as it does not! And now the bad – problem with that approach is that at certain angles, paint looks to be a different shade. This is evident here on both doors and rear spoilers, although pictures make it worse than it is in person.

Overall paint application is better on the green model yet the panel colour inconsistency is also more present here. Although the doors and spoiler look less mismatched on the orange example, the application of black paint is sloppier. There is definitely room for improvement here folks. Now these are budget models, so perfection cannot be expected.

At the front, there are no perforated grilles and carbon fibre is non-existent in either example. The headlights are replicated reasonably well for a budget model for this scale. The front trunk of the orange is painted black sadly with significant black paint overspray marks onto the orange paint. The green one on the other hand is finished in body colour (my personal preference). I feel painting the orange body colour would have eliminated that problem. I suspect Solido’s thinking here was to differentiate the two specs. Black paint around the opening of the headlights is better applied on the green one as the orange example has again some paint overspray visible. A McLaren decal on the trunk and a 765LT license plate complete the front end. Overall, I think Solido’s execution could use some refinement.

Moving onto the rims – orange is equipped with black and silver rims and red calipers with a McLaren decal. Green, on the other hand, is specked with silver rims all around and black calipers. I think both configurations work very well here. Tire thread is present, branding is not. Under a closer inspection, I see that the tires should be wider and fill out the rims more. A side aero skirt is present, and 675 LT decals enhance the overall look. Again, doors look as if they may open but I can assure you they do not.

The rear is identical on both specs, consisting of black and body colour paint, rear reflector lights, and the inclusion McLaren decal and 765 LT license plates. Since the rear spoilers are separate pieces, the colour is not a perfect match, but I appreciate the opening between the body and the underside of the spoiler. Exhaust tips are there, again all black. I wish the rear light or the stop light would be marked with some colour.

The interior – well it is black on black. The only burst of colour my eyes can pick out is the blue seatbelts with silver buckles in a form of a decal. Lighter interiors are my preferred choice, however, I can live with the black as with models in 1:43 scale, you really have to look up close to see the interior anyway.

In conclusion, I think these budget 1:43 scale Solido models here are reasonably executed with some room for improvement. I think paint overspray and tires that fill the rims are two items that can be refined and I hope Solido will do so in the future. I think both colours display well, but if I had to choose one, the green spec would be my personal pick. Let’s see what other 1:43 models Solido will bring for us.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks, Luk for supporting the budget-friendly Solido brand. Another decent model in the McLaren here! I love the wheel option on the Orange best!

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