REVIEW: GT Spirit Audi RS4 Avant (B8) •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Audi RS4 Avant (B8)

The pinnacle of the Audi brand is the RS badge. No stone left unturned with each evolving generation. An uneducated consumer would write it off as another grocery getter, but any Audi fan simply knows it as a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Under the skin, the RS4 Avant’s power comes from the naturally aspirated 4.2-liter V8, a high-revving powerplant that reaches its power peak of 450 hp at a massive 8250 rpm (red line is at 8500). Maximum torque is 317 lb-ft, which is served up between 4000 and 6000 rpm. What is presented here today is the RS4 Avant (B8) in OEM Misano Red by the GT Spirit brand, a limited edition run of 600 pieces. The RS4 Avant (B8) model is currently available in Red and Blue.


Opening the latest package from GT Spirit, I noticed something new, not yet found with previous purchases. Models are now shipping with a ‘Quality Control Card’. Rest assured your model is now leaving the factory with optimal inspection. I’m happy to report my model is absolutely issue-free! Let’s hope the sister brand OttOmobile can implement the same feature.



The exterior of the model is painted in gorgeous Misano Red, and let me first say my novice photo techniques cannot capture how beautiful this colour really is. Paint is flawless throughout, and almost liquid like. GT Spirit, true to form, has captured the essence of the original without compromise. I cannot see any major flaws based on photos I reviewed. Silver trim throughout is nicely executed for the most part, though there are a few very minor rough spots.


Front fascia is beautifully crafted. Chrome centre grille is not perforated, but does feature a photo-etched metal piecenalong with Audi rings. Lower grilles again are not perforated, a somewhat standard spec on resin models today. I, for one, appreciate the addition of European plates, this car features them from and rear. Headlights are also nicely detailed and fitment is pretty darn good.


Rear end is much like the front, flawless. Nicely detailed taillights and lower diffuser add to the overall realism. GT Spirit went as far as detailing the inside of exhaust tips too. Well done!


The wheels are my favourite piece of the model and here’s why… First, smart move to fashion the car with 20 inch rollers; for a car this size, bigger is better! These OEM wheels are sexy as sin; also, I’m a bit biased, as I have them on my current TT-RS in 19 inch form. Second, look behind the 20 inch rollers to find Audi’s distinctive “wave” rotor treatment and massive calipers. Perfection! And if that wasn’t enough, note the slight scuffed surface of the rotors that elevate this model just that little bit more.


I can’t show you the motor, as we are reviewing a sealed resin piece, but I can highlight the undercarriage. In this case, we could have one of the best executions from GTS to date. Though the detail isn’t elaborate, what is shown is beautifully crafted and clean. That speaks volumes for resins models, and GTS outclasses resin replicas costing 2-3 times as much.



The interior of the RS4 Avant features the distinctive Audi/Recaro racing seats.  Inside we have no capering, but GTS did replicate the silver trim and carbon fiber accents in the center console.  Overall, a solid effort!


I’ve been personally screaming for years to see all the RS models from Audi come to life in scale from. Thank you GT Spirit, and I hope this is the first of many to come. What we have here is a very very very well executed piece, I would even say perfect, but for that I would need a diecast version with opening bits. If you’re a fan of Audi, or European models in general, this one is a must have. As mentioned, the model is currently available in red, as shown here, and blue. Enjoy the pics!

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audi_c7_rs4avant15 audi_c7_rs4avant16 audi_c7_rs4avant17

audi_c7_rs4avant21 audi_c7_rs4avant22

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