Amalgam New 1:8 Ferrari F8 Spider •

Amalgam New 1:8 Ferrari F8 Spider

Ferrari fans looking for that massive scale example will now have an option from Amalgam, new is 1:8 Ferrari F8 Spider!  Production is limited to 199 pieces and we’re sure there is an opening bespoke too.  Pricing, just over $14,000 US.  A lack of full 360 access is definitely a disappointment!

About the Ferrari F8 Spider…  “The Ferrari F8 Spider is powered by the serial award-winning 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that took “International Engine of the Year” for four consecutive years from 2016 to 2019. The eight-cylinder power unit, an evolution of the 488’s engine, has been widely recognized as the best engine of the last 20 years, taking the F8 Spider to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds, and onwards to a top speed of 211 mph.

State-of-the-art aerodynamics solutions and significant innovations from Ferrari’s GT and Challenge racing experience have been implanted into the F8 Spider ensuring the highest levels of performance are accessible to its driver. Unlike the 488 Spider, the F8 Spider’s front radiators are rearward angled, providing significant cooling gains. Alongside the redesign of channels used to dissipate hot air to maximize downforce, the F8 Spider has achieved an impressive 10% improvement in overall efficiency.”

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9 Responses to "Amalgam New 1:8 Ferrari F8 Spider"

  1. Giorgio262 says:

    I hope I’m not going to trigger anyone with what I’m about to write, but, for this kind of money I’d expect to have full access to the engine and the trunk, and a fully workable folding hard top mechanism.
    May I add that I could buy a very decent real car for that kind of money as well? ;D

    • marcel171281 says:

      Oke, I’ll bite ;)

      You really think, customers interested in these models care about folding roofs etc? They don’t play with it, they have it under a big display box next to their 1:1 counterpart.

      People buying these Amalgam models are mostly (ofcourse not all) not model car collectors like you and me, they are car collectors with models on the side and to them, this costs less than a carbon package or wheel upgrade on the real car. It is just another accessory, like fitted luggage.

      We shouldn’t compare any of this with what we think is important to a modelcar.

      • Hemi Tim says:

        I tend to agree, however, I’m a bit astounded by the production number. 199 pieces seems like a lot for a model in that price range…

        • DS Team says:

          Not for something labelled with a Ferrari badge. We’re sure Amalgam understand their customer and purchase habits. This level of $$ is in an entirely different space than the average scale model collector. Amalgam knows this and that is why this live in this space with $20,000 price tags. Personally, we love their examples. Maybe if money grew on tress we’d buy a few examples too :)

      • Giorgio262 says:

        Of course I just expressed my point of view on the subject as readily understandable by the generous use of “I” in my post. Nowhere in my post I meant to predict banckruptcy for the busy people at Amalgam, whom I’m pretty sure have a customer base that support their existance. I just find it funny how outworldy it feels to me to pay so much for something that, in my opinion, offers so little in return.
        Anyway, if I could afford such a model, I’d like to have it with full openings. If I had the real car I’d like to have this in the same specs, perhaps also with working lights just for the sake of augmented realism :)

    • Williams says:

      I thing same about that!

  2. kenney bee says:

    Yes your right Marcel it will be sitting next to the real thing,lucky them.

  3. Williams says:

    @ Marcel: I thing the same about that!

  4. mrm says:

    Funny, reading some of the comments……. Like Marcel said, unfortunately, these models are not meant for “mortals” like us. I’ll give you just three examples. I was looking at a Patek Philipe watch earlier today, that carried a $350K price tag. And it looked pretty much like a $85 Timex you see in the mall. I like bourbon and last year participated in a lottery for the right to purchase some rare bottles. One guy drew a lucky ticket for a bottle which retailed for $1350. That is just alcohol that you are going to drink and the most you are going to receive would be a headache. Just three hours later he sold it for $9000 in one fo the facebook bourbon clubs. My old boss, had a “vacation house” near by where I lived, where he spent roughly 3 months per year, which was worth about $45 million. His wife had fresh flowers brought from Hawaii for the house during their stay, at the cool $26k per week. Does anyone really think that any of the people of that kind would really care for the price of this model? and about the numbers…..How many real F8 spiders are been made? How many lady drivers of F8s do you think have purses that cost twice that? It’s all about perspective. There are collectors that look at Norev models that look to them just as ridiculously expensive as this model does to me. And then there are Norev collectors that feel same way about AutoArt Sifnature models. And there are AutoArt collectors that look same way at Exoto models and so on and so forth…..

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