AUTOart New BAC and Porsche Production Samples •

AUTOart New BAC and Porsche Production Samples

We have samples this morning of the production version of the 1:18 Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS in Ultraviolet with Silver wheels and 1:18 BAC Mono in Metallic Red.  The long-awaited Ultraviolet looks so-so in our opinion, and we are still confident in our decision to move forward with the Lava Orange.  Full review to come!  On the flip side, the Metallic Red BAC Mono is truly delicious, and possibly the slickest colour to date.  Look for these models to be released sometime in Q2 2018.  Enjoy!

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10 Responses to "AUTOart New BAC and Porsche Production Samples"

  1. Mikestroh says:

    What’s going on with AutoArt now days? The Purple Porsche would have translated a lot better if the wheels were black instead of this aluminum color. I guess I might purchase the black version Instead. But I was really anxious in purchasing this one due to the unique color. Decisions, decisions.

  2. spikyone says:

    Agree, that BAC looks great in metallic red!

  3. George K says:

    Does the shifter in the Porsche vibrate?

  4. Roberto says:

    IDK, Purple looks pretty good to me. The weakness in this model is actually the interior in my opinion. Also, agree with the above shifter comment! haha

  5. Atalante says:

    Usually Autoart pictures are pretty bad. Pretty sure that UV will look a lot better in person. It is a pretty unique color but still I prefer the Miami blue and the Orange.

  6. BA says:

    Again. Rear wheels look like s***. How can a company like this mess up like that? Minichamps made the wheels look good on theirs, but it has no openings. However, I would buy the Minichamps version regardless.

  7. Veneno says:

    I have to agree about the silver wheels, they should have done it in black or dark grey.

    So Lava Orange it is!

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