AUTOart New Lotus 72E 1973 Fittipaldi #1 •

AUTOart New Lotus 72E 1973 Fittipaldi #1

An alternative to the Quartzo Lotus 72E is in the works from the AUTOart brand.  Their 1:18 scale version will focus on a sealed, composite replica.  Though the version from Quartzo focused on the ’74 car the AUTOart will feature the ’73 in four variants, our feature being the 1973 Fittipaldi #1 car.  The others include: Fittipaldi #1 with figurine, Peterson #2, and Peterson #2 with figurine.  No ETA is available on either model today.

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Product# 87327 – 87330

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  1. Rochester says:

    I hope the AA versions will at least include a decal set to reproduce the full graphics used on the cars.

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