AUTOart New Productions Samples, BACK IN BLACK! (UPDATE) •

AUTOart New Productions Samples, BACK IN BLACK! (UPDATE)

We just received images of the new 1:18 Honda NSX-R (NA2) in New Formula Red exterior.  Just stunning!  This one is January 2022 from AUTOart.

Team AUTOart is showing off show Q4 offerings, each in 1:18 scale.  The feature is represented by the Bugatti EB110 SS in Nero Vernice with Red interior.  Not sure if this is a fantasy entry, but it definitely looks cool!  Additional models include the highly detailed Honda NSX-R (NA2) in Berlina Black and Suzuki Jimny Sierra (JB74) in Bluish Black Pearl.

Product# 70919 / 78508 / 73216 / 73217

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  1. ATEOTD says:

    “Not sure if this is a fantasy entry, but it definitely looks cool!”

    The black over red EB110 is rare, but it’s a thing.

  2. Joseph says:

    They changed the NSX headlights from black to white. I figured this was going to change when they took the last set of pictures down so fast. It’s more accurate, but doesn’t look as good. Does anyone know if NA2 Rs were offered in black in reality, and if it was ever chosen among the few built? A website claimed they were all Championship White, but elsewhere I saw a review of a blue one. Gran Turismo games also let me buy it in black.

    • Marcus N says:

      I have the book “NSX – Honda’s Supercar” by Brian Long. In it he states that second gen NSX-R’s could be ordered in any NSX color, however if you wanted Championship White that could only be ordered on a NSX-R.

  3. MRM says:

    This is going to be tough for me. I love this color combo and I believe it suits the car great. The real car was sold with the Dower rear win, but it was badged as a Bugatti. I wouldn’t be surprised if its current owner has retrofitted the wing. And even if not, it’s still an authentic color combo.
    My biggest issue is the decision which color to get. I wanted the Michael Schumacher yellow car with blue interior. However, his car was the only EB110SS fitted with the regular lux interior from the regular EB110, which kind of takes away half the differences between the models, the only other differences being the wheels and the panels behind the windows. Also I like all my Bugattis in blue, but I already have the blue AA EB110 and a blue Dauer by Maisto. So this black option is tempting.

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