BBR/Almost Real AR+ Pagani Zonda F •

BBR/Almost Real AR+ Pagani Zonda F

The initial plan from Almost Real was a premium level AR+ release of the Pagani Zonda F (fanatic model by the way!).  Well, that dream for some, including a designer storage box, is becoming a reality with cooperation from BBR models.  We’re sure this filler will come at a premium price.

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  1. Tomncatters says:

    ASs if prices aren’t high enough already for these. AR really dropped the ball with what they announced and they eventually delivered so far. Don’t get me wrong, the models are well made. But the Paganis have been announced almos 5 years ago for 220€. We have yet to see any Cinque, Tricolore, Revolucion sample and price are 400€ plus. And to think it was once hailed as the savior from AA’s composite… heh…

    • DS Team says:

      We understand your frustrations believe me, but having a model of this “supercar” at this level is better than none at all… If the wait is required, then make it so. No model is cheap and no model is perfect, and furthermore nothing against AUTOart composite models, most of this year’s assortment has been great! In short, this hobby is expensive and requires a lot of patience.

    • Karsten says:

      500€,not 400€, was the pre-order price for a “normal” AR … last year. AR+ will hence be 550 to 600+€. It is good, though, that we get the choice whether or not we want a fancy box. I´d be extremely angry to have to buy (and dearly pay extra for) a real carbon fibre box that will be stowed away in the attic in order toget the model I want!

    • Juju says:

      This is a well-known marketing technique. Start by “breaking” the market with low advertised prices for an attractive product, then quickly move back to high price levels once the customer is “hooked”.
      There was a lot of “dreaming” that AR would replace AUTOart in terms of value for money, as it abandoned die-cast metal.
      I bet the same will happen very soon with LCD, which is playing the same game.

  2. Mike Wiseman says:

    I understand the need for patience in this hobby, but my only issue with AR is the scarcity of solid reliable news and information from AR… seems like I rarely see or hear much regarding they’re upcoming models or what they are currently working on. As far as models they have been releasing lately, I learn each color one by one as the model is released by AR. I have been waiting for the zonda tricolore. They obviously have the completed model to make it. It’s just a matter of the exterior/interior color…but I would like to add this particular effort of the zonda to my collection if they aren’t going to make the one I’m waiting for?? Where’s the transparency… why so vague???

  3. sponge says:

    Meh, I’ll get my 399€ silver one next week. They should have announced new specs like white w/ blue interior instead of redoing the same ones. I hope they don’t charge too much for the base and fancy box

  4. Tolu says:

    I hope they make the fancy box and display case optional. That should take some sting off the price. It’s going to be one of the best models when it eventually launches.

  5. Kevin says:

    Are there any new on the Zonda Cinque? The sample is out for quite a while now but still no release. The Cinque would be my absolute dream model in 1/18

  6. kenneybee says:

    selling for 445 euros ,but why the fancy box no need for that

  7. Giorgio262 says:

    Getting a nice deal on my purchase is just as important as getting a nice model, as far as I’m concerned. There’s no car I love so much that I would pay hundreds for its scale model replica and feel happy about it. I would always feel like I’ve been ripped off. So these models just don’t exist for me and I just don’t care about them. Just my 2 cents..

  8. Kostas says:

    Last week I finally received my Almost Real Pagani Zonda F in silver. Seeing it for the first time up close, I can say that it is trully a gorgeous model car and the colour combinations inside out are spot on! Obviously for a collector more experienced than me, some minor flaws perhaps can be found, but for me as a whole this model car works 100%.

    I am very happy to finally add it to my collection, totally worth the wait, it is an eye candy model car.

  9. MRM says:

    I am totally confused about the BBR name in the title. This model has nothing to do with BBR. Other than the packaging they copied from some BBR releases.
    BY the way, converting this model to a proper Cinque or Tricolore would require a major reengineering of most major components on this model. Which of course not an excuse for either its ridiculous price, not the huge delays in releasing the variations.

    • Mike Wiseman says:

      BBR is providing the fancy packaging and display apparently.. it’s featured on BBRMODELSTORE Facebook page

      • HOTWEELS164 says:

        The mercurio grey one is available TODAY on BBRmodelstore for a “special deal price”:
        – 549€ without discount,
        – 494€ for prestige and VIP members.
        That’s many euros too expensive!

        Apparently limited to 100 pieces…

        • MRM says:

          Thank you. I see it now. What a joke! And limited my a$$. When I see BBR and limited in one sentence i look the other way. They’ve been catching a lot of fire over the years for their LE BS practices.

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