BBR New Ferrari 500 Superfast - Villa D'Este 2013 •

BBR New Ferrari 500 Superfast – Villa D’Este 2013

BBR present this lovely Light Blue 1:18 BBR New Ferrari 500 Superfast – Villa D’Este 2013.  Model is limited to 67 pieces.  As with almost all BBR models, the Ferrari 500 Superfast is crafted in resin and features closed-body design.  Model is available for immediate delivery.

About the Ferrari…  “The Superfast line of grand touring cars would make its debut at the 1964 Geneva Auto Show.  This ultra-sleek design would be Ferrari’s idea of an everyday car and one for the owner that already had a stable of Ferrari racing cars.  The Superfast represented Ferrari’s ideals of the ultimate luxury automobile; one that had to combine performance with elegant design and exquisite elements to make for visceral experience of touch, sight, sound, smell and emotion.  While steeped in comfort, the driver was apparently able to rocket up to speeds of around 165mph. This was a real Ferrari grand tourer.  In total, just 36 Superfast coupes would ever be constructed between 1964 and 1966.  Pininfarina would not build more than two bodies per month. Such was the exclusivity of the car; the last of Ferrari’s exuberant luxurious touring automobiles. This model of the Ferrari 500 Superfast, over the years has undergone several times the total repainting hiding the original color.  Touring Superleggera wanted to revive the color of origin, but to do this it was necessary to find, with the support of the Laboratory Color PPG, the original color starting from auto parts.”

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