CMC Expands Ferrari 250 GTO Assortment 2023 •

CMC Expands Ferrari 250 GTO Assortment 2023

CMC is expanding on their 1:18 Ferrari 250 GTO replica.  A new selection of ten models will arrive in 2023 and likely beyond.  Pricing starts at $709 US and each is a limited edition of 2200 or less.  Pre-order yours today via our awesome site sponsors.  Support them as they support our website!  Note, a PR release from the USA team was provided.

“Dear Customer,

It is time for CMC to announce its 2023 new releases again. Due to the constraints imposed on international travel by the Covid-19 pandemic and high inflation, we chose to introduce our new novelties with a virtual display online this time.
In 2022, CMC succeeded in launching all the variants of the CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C despite all the challenges that impounded the model-building industry globally. In the process, both our research and development engineers and working staff withstood the challenges in flying colors.

‘Extraordinary’ is the term that defines our marque. Our models are expected to rise above the ordinary. Our employees are expected to cultivate extraordinary skills and do their best to reach the highest level on a daily basis. This slogan also inspires and encourages us to constantly strive and achieve the best possible quality.
CMC has dedicated themselves to the cause in replicating the stunning Ferrari 250 GTO in 10 different variations based on famous race cars with both right hand and left hand drive.

In addition, we will also be completing our installments to the Mercedes Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe collection as well as beginning the Alfa-Romeo P3 collection.

Looking ahead, we have much more to share with you. For details, please read our 2023 Press Release and visit our website. We’re looking forward to receiving your pre-orders and feedback.

Best regards

M-256 – Ferrari 250 GTO, RHD Ron Fly, 1963-64 Austrian Local Races Chassis 3869, LE 2000
M-255 – Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD Brandon Wang, 2004 Monterey Historical Races #18 Chassis 4219GT, LE 2200
M-254 – Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD Pedro & Ricardo Rodriguez, Winner, 1962 1000km Paris #1 Chassis 3757GT, LE 2200
M-253 – Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD “Beurlys” / “Ellde”, 3rd OA & 2nd GT, Le Mans 1962 #22 Chassis 3757GT, LE 2200
M-252 – Ferrari 250 GTO, LHD Norinder/Troiberg, 2nd in Class, Targa Florio 1964 #112 Chassis 3445GT, LE 2200
M-251 – Ferrari 250 GTO, RHD Graham Hill, 2nd OA & 2nd GT, Tourist Trophy Goodwood 1962 #10 Chassis 3729, LE 2200
M-250 – Ferrari 250 GTO, RHD David Piper, 4th OA, 1962 Tour de France #153 Chassis 3767GT, LE 2200
M-249 – Ferrari 250 GTO, RHD Surtees & Parks, 2nd OA & 2nd IC, 1962 1000km Paris, Montlhery #11 Chassis 3647GT, LE 2000
M-248 – Ferrari 250 GTO, RHD David Piper, 2nd OA & 2nd GT Class, 1962 Silverstone #44 Chassis 4491GT, LE 2000
M-247 – Ferrari 250 GTO, RHD Stirling Moss/Innes Ireland, Winner, 1962 Goodwood #15 Chassis 3505GT, LE 2200

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19 Responses to "CMC Expands Ferrari 250 GTO Assortment 2023"

  1. MLB says:

    Too bad they used the wrong car as a basis for ALL of these.

  2. Razorblade says:

    Thats a strange move, considering they rerelease old models after some time, the 250 GTO

  3. Razorblade says:

    Rewriting my comment again, because it was sent unfinished by accident, asking the admin to delete the unfinished one and edit this one by deleting the intro regarding the edit:

    That’s a strange move, considering they rerelease old models after some time, the 250 GTO I guess is a cash cow like lambo is for AutoArt. The price seems a bit steep not sure if I’ll make the move and add one (I quite like the real thing) I passed on the old batch. Funny how some years ago I bought the Mercedes Transporter (the big one) for the same amount of money and I thought it’s a small fortune. I wonder though what happened to the Porsche 904, I was looking forward to adding one, since my old Minichamps is far from being a good example presenting such an iconic Porsche.

    • TCL says:

      With regard to the prices, I noticed that all the left hand drive cars are $709 and all the right hand drive cars are $748. I just hope they don’t increase like they did with the Ferrari 275 that had several price changes from the time it was announced until its release.

  4. Bob says:

    This is amazing news! The editions they have chosen to release contain many amazing choices, and can perfectly co-exist with the first release versions. I am very excited about this!

    • TCL says:

      Have you made your selection yet? I’m going with M-247, the pale green #15 Moss/Ireland car. I’ve been waiting for that model forever. I passed on BBR’s version because it was released at a time when I was still on the fence about buying expensive resin models.

      • Bob says:

        I think the Stirling Moss pale green is a beautiful version, great choice!! For me, the favorites are the M-252 Targa Florio in blue/yellow, M-253 Le Mans (Nick Mason), the M-247 pale green, and fourth a David Piper M-250. But truth be told I ordered all 10 versions.

        • TCL says:

          Wow, that’s quite a haul! You won’t be in a position where you end up regretting having picked the wrong one. When I looked at the full line-up the one that seems different from the rest is the dark blue Wang car with a livery from a contemporary vintage racing event in 2004. All the others have liveries from the 60s. I wonder if Mr. Wang convinced CMC to add that model to the set.

          • Bob says:

            Yeah, I am a bit in doubt about the Wang 250 too. That chassis raced laguna seca in period in white with a blue stripe and a red 9. It would be nice if CMC could be convinced to release that one instead.

            However I think that they are releasing this dark blue / black GTO to combat the extreme prices of the 250 techno classica and emilia island. In that sense I also hope they release it without a racing number, that little white #18 doesn’t add much for me.

  5. Bob Johnson says:

    Costs rise simply because costs from the China OEM are rising rapidly… CMC knows that GTO versions sell.. A common problem is people in the PRC charged with product development who do not know the difference between period photos and current photos of restored cars. The desire to finish all seats in BLUE is ludicrous when these 1960’s seats were black vinyl or leather.. unable to find ANY photo that shows Blue seats from the 1960’s…… In my opinion, the most accurate GTO bodyshape is the Kyosho replica; particularly the side profile line of the front fender… These are PRICEY, but, values always increase… I would expext current OEM Chin pricing has risen by twice over the original GTO issue and VERY HARD to get workers!!

  6. Sam S. says:

    I have the CMC Ferrari Transporter as well as several Ferrari 250 CMCs including the Le Mans GTO and despite the criticism about the shape have been very happy with all of them. I bought my GTO for an exorbitant price, which I’m sure will be going down in value with all these new releases to compete with (which I mention only because I was up until this release thinking of selling the GTO to fund other purchases).

    What remains to be seen and is likely on everyone’s mind is the execution of these. I’m sure there will be quibbles about this detail or that, but the 275 came in for a lot of criticism on the build quality. Will the re-released GTO be like the old ones (for the most part a home run from an assembly standpoint), or have many of the issues that plagued the early 275 releases? It’s not like the same folks that build the first ones are likely still around to do this new batch……..

    • Bob says:

      I think the criticism that the 275 received wasn’t entirely fair. The first batch of red ones contained problems, but all subsequent versions were great.

      Obviously, it’s not good that the first batch in recent years always contains problems – but I think people’s opinion is swayed too much by people who have negative things to say (and those are always louder). I have almost every version of the 275, and they are flawless. Not denying the problems the first batch of red ones had, but still.

      The same is happening with the Uhlenhaut coupe, some of the very first models contained QC errors. But the second batch is already in circulation and looks very very solid.

      I suspect it will be the same with the 250GTO. Yeah, the first batch might have QC issues – and this should be resolved for those buyers, and everyone will lose their stuff again, while ultimately most collectors will have a perfect version they enjoy very much and you won’t hear much from.

      • Gonçalo Freitas says:

        I was one of those buyers from the first batch.
        I even made a report to CMC with the QC issues of mine. I am an avid CMC collector and I was really sad when I check the model, there just too many issues and the current model is far from perfect. When I pay a lot of money for a model, I expect that it’s flawless and there’s so many issues with my model!
        CMC never reply to my report and, during some months, I thought that was going to be my last buy from the brand. When I check the model I always ask myself why this model as so many faults.
        This being said, CMC is my favourite brand since it’s so exquisite (even more after the ending of extoto xs).
        Apart from this experience, I really have to admit that when you compared their models with others, they really are worth 2 or 3 times the money (at least from my point of view), their price is high but they are in another level.
        I really wish all the sucess to CMC brand, they deserve, but my complains were fair.

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