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DCOTM Florin Marculescu – October 2021

Holy cow, it’s already fall!  October’s collection is from a local bloke and one that has a connection on a personal level too.  He’s Florin Marculescu from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  Florin and I met many moons ago, our passion for Volkswagens and Audis brought us together almost 23 years back.  And it wasn’t until years later that we both released we both also had a passion for scale model collecting!  His awesome collection sat idle in boxes for many years, and until recently, his dream of a diecast room came to life.  Congrats on finally making it happen.  His passion is even strong on the 1:1 side, currently owns two classic Mercedes, a 1977 Mercedes 450SEL and a 1988 Mercedes 560SEC.  LOVE THAT 560SEC Florin!

Everyone, help me in congratulating Florin on his win! Thanks again Florin, for driving the passion for this great hobby we all love and share, hopefully, you received the decal in the mail! Click HERE to see Florin’s feature.

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