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Eaglemoss Build: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL – What’s in the Box?

You may have noticed a new sponsor here at DiecastSociety.com.  A few weeks back Die-cast Club/Eaglemoss officially signed on to partner with us.  Eaglemoss is a destination for almost all popular pop culture, entertainment, sci-fi and comic hero brands.  Their relationship with us will focus on their scale model division, Die-Cast Club.

If you haven’t heard of Die-Cast Club they offer a no-risk subscription service that features an array of 1:8 scale kits.  Each kit, you choose your poison, features a selection of diecast metal and plastic parts – from what we’ve seen in the box so far there is more metal than plastic!  And fit and finish is extremely good.  Each model in addition to the diecast metal exterior panels features full 360 access with a host of unique gems geared towards true authenticity.  Exterior lighting and more are part of the highlight list!

You choose the car, you choose the frequency of parts delivery throughout the subscription and you build the replica from start to finish at your pace.  A typical build can span 24 months – an introductory offer of $1.95 for the first two issues with four additional issues to follow each month thereafter ($13.35 includes shipping/each).  The current assortment of quality 1:8 scale models include the 1:8 Back to the Future DeLorean and the Ghostbusters ECTO-1, there is also Aston Martin DB5 from James Bond Goldfinger!  Their latest addition as featured earlier last month is the 1:8 Willys MB Jeep.

With the current pandemic and the change of season, both will definitely influence a more at-home focus.  What to do with all this extra this time indoors?  Well, build yourself a model, and call it a true passion project.  And those with the keen ability can further enhance the finished product by adding their spin with a little customization…  A perfect gift, yes, and we have also received many email inquiries about gift-giving, especially around this time of year.  This would be the perfect gift for any scale model car collector or model builder.

With the exceptional pallet of available cars, we ended up choosing the 1:8 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.  And over the next several months we’ll provide you with our feedback with each step we take in the journey.  With the final submission presenting the completed project and our final thoughts…

This particular model does feature full 360 access and then some!  From an exterior perspective, working headlight and taillights are standard.  Access to the detailed motor and rear storage is married with a spare tire and jack.  Inside the cabin, a highly detailed interior is refined and polished, a perfect fit for the deluxe Karl Baisch suitcase in back!  The dashboard is cut from aluminum, as well as a retractable steering wheel to boot.  Jeez, we can’t wait to complete this build!

What’s in the box?  First off, we need to mention, we here at DiecastSociety.com are executing an accelerated build.  Meaning, we’re receiving parts well ahead of the typical subscription timeline.  Yes, we are unquestionably lucky!

Let us know if you have any questions?  We have the Eaglemoss/Die-Cast Club team available to answer any and all questions.  We hope you’ll join us on the ride to complete the build!  Happy collecting!


Based on the initial view each instruction manual is highly detailed (we have received #1 – #5).  There is clear and concise direction on assembly, part presentation, fitting, colour coding and more!  We’ll have more comments here as we progress with the build, however, have no fear if you believe assembly would be overly complex.

In addition to assembly instructions, each subsequent issue will provide insight on “Track Legends”, “The Story of Motorsports”, “Ace Drivers” and “Challenging Circuits”.   Each section is heightened with commentary and historic photos.  Please note the initial issue (#1) does make an exception to the above by also including a foreword called “Your Model”.  Here you’ll discover all the features of your build in detail with photos.


As for the parts.  The larger metal and larger plastic components are all housed in separate compartments.  Packaging will definitely facilitate the delivery of damaged free parts and accessories.  And not to mention the organization component.  Some of the smaller parts are provided within sectioned plastic bags with numbering for each.  Again, helping hand with damage and finding this coinciding specific part bag.


As part of your subscription, and free to you, Die-Cast Club will include the following bonus items at no charge.  See the photos below.

Toolkit – Includes tweezers, mini pliers, file, knife and Phillips-head screwdriver
Binder – Save each instruction guide, keep them safe and damage-free
Spec Sheet Display – Complete statistics, including dimensions, weight, & engine specs
Stand & Display – A stand/display for the finished piece

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22 Responses to "Eaglemoss Build: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL – What’s in the Box?"

  1. Robert Poudrette says:

    At 1/8 scale, that thing will be huge! Sure to be interesting to follow!

  2. George K says:

    But, are these models worth it? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Are the details good? Are they accurate?

    • DS Team says:

      That would really be left up to the individual to decide… As for the build, we’ll highlight what we liked and did not like. So far the level of detail shown within the handful of parts to date, terrific. How this translates to a fully built model is yet to be seen through our build. More to come!

      • Atalante says:

        Would be interesting to have an idea of the price of this model once completed. I checked on Eaglemoss website, and unless I missed it could not see it anywhere. Is it 24 months x once a week or every 2 weeks x $13.35 ?

  3. Zack Cutler says:

    Just some personal experience; I began the Back to the Future Delorean, and I’m about halfway finished. I lost a lot of steam toward finishing it when Eaglemoss let me know that the transmission they’d sent me (and that I’d already installed in the car) was an automatic, not the manual is shown in the film (I thought it looked odd; chalked it up to the transmission having a weird oil pan or something). They let me know that they had created new parts for the manual transmission, including new transmission mounts, and provided them free of charge, which is nice. However, by the time they alerted me to this, I was far past the engine/transmission assembly and would have to go back, disassembling the engine entirely to access the transmission screws that attach it to the engine block. Honestly, at this point, I was kind of annoyed at the whole thing and put it all in a box. I’m sure I’ll come back to it someday, but that transmission issue really put a damper on the fun.

    Also, there are a LOT of 3rd party modifications you can purchase for the BTTF Delorean; I’m not sure if there are mods for the Gullwing, but the mods are far more detailed and accurate than the Eaglemoss parts, however, they are more expensive. It becomes an odd decision to make; you’re already sinking a fair amount of money into the model, do you spend more money to make it as accurate as possible, or accept the fact it’s not as detailed as it could be? (Again, the 300SL might be the most accurate thing ever, and there is no need for aftermarket support.)

    • DS Team says:

      Thanks for your insight, much appreciated! Yes, that can be frustrating… Though I’ll give credit for acknowledging the miss and providing the correct parts. How many other brands would go that far?

      The aftermarket scene is a massive one and expensive proposition too, we learned this well with the Pocher build… Again, the level of additional detail comes down to each individual. But based on what we have seen with the limited parts of the 300 SL kit is it pretty darn good. Again, we’ll provide more insight as we progress.

  4. Alan Keller says:

    Like Zack Cutler, but for different reasons, I’ve lost a bit of interest.

    I subscribed to this same 300SL build back in February of this year. I didn’t adjust frequency from the default 4 issues per month. I received my first 5 shipments as scheduled, but one part was incorrect. Eaglemoss promptly sent out a replacement. As of May, I was happy with how things were going. I was current and on schedule through issue 18.

    Unfortunately, that’s as far as I’ve gotten. It’s now 6 months later and I haven’t received anything since issue 18 in May. I’ve contacted customer service and been told an issue from my next shipment was on back order. I waited. I contacted customer service a couple more times. In the past month I’ve been told the back ordered parts were now available again and I should receive shipments. I’ve received nothing. I’ve been told when parts are back ordered I should still receive what’s available. I’ve received nothing. I have now adjusted my shipment frequency to try to “catch up” and I’ve received nothing.

    I have no doubt I will get all the parts eventually. The obvious miscommunications and extreme delays are a huge disappointment, though. Be prepared for some possible bumps in the road.

    • DS Team says:

      That is not good! We’ve sent a note to Eaglemoss/Die-Cast Club. We requested they comment directly to your post. I’m sure some play here is due to the pandemic and delays in sourcing challenges. But 6 months is stretching it…

      • Alan Keller says:

        Thank you. I was only trying to point out possible problems and describe my experience for your readers. I wasn’t asking you to get involved… but I really appreciate it.

        I should mention that I’ve been very happy with the parts I’ve received so far. It is shaping up to be a great model.

      • Alan Keller says:

        I had contacted Eaglemoss customer support around 11/13. I was told my next shipment would be sent on 11/17. That didn’t happen so I searched for info on others’ experiences. I found your page and posted.

        Nothing happened. No response here and no shipment. So, I contacted Eaglemoss customer service again on 11/20. I was told my next shipment would now be sent on 11/24. I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail about a shipment. The 5 shipments I received were “pre announced.” Assuming that still happens, nothing again. No shipment and no response from Eaglemoss here.

        I’m still interested in this build up. I *DO* believe I’ll get all the parts eventually… but, as you said, while things can happen, a 6 month delay seems very long. Eaglemoss hit their schedule for only 4 months for me. Your readers should know they may be signing up for more waiting than building with this subscription.

        • DS Team says:

          Another note has been sent to our representative @ EM. Sorry to hear they haven’t responded as of yet. The best policy is to be worth right with customers with full transparency… Hopefully, they’ll get shipping shortages sorted soon.

        • DS Team says:

          Hi Alan, I received word EM will contact you directly. Cheers!!

        • Laure says:

          Hello Alan,

          I am very sorry to hear that you have not heard back from us.

          We are currently investigating the issue and our customer service will contact you directly.

          Thank you very much,

          • Alan Keller says:

            Thank you!

          • Alan says:

            I’ve received a shipment from Eaglemoss. I also learned a few things in the process and I’m passing them on here.

            1) When I had been calling Eaglemoss Customer Support and asking about my next shipment, some of the time I had been hearing a shipment date. I thought that was when I’d be sent a shipment (the backordered items were available to be sent). That’s not what it is. That when I’ll “come up in rotation” for checking inventory. If everything for my next shipment is available, it would be sent.
            If not, I’d go “on hold” until I came up in rotation again. Unless you’ve asked for a change, that’s monthly.

            2) The number of issues and frequency of shipments can be adjusted if you call Customer Support and ask. You can’t choose whatever you want, like to be sent everything as a complete kit. There are options, though. I don’t recall specifically what they are. This would affect how frequently you’d come up in rotation and the size of the shipment.

            3) If there is an issue that’s on backorder and it’s preventing your next shipment, you can request that it be skipped for now. This may be good or it may not be. The issue on backorder may be required before you can proceed. Even if it isn’t, I’d be careful about starting assembly unless you’re sure working past the skipped issue won’t cause problems once the backordered shipment arrives (blocked screw holes or whatnot). Once the skipped shipment becomes available it should be shipped out.

            Armed with this information. I asked to have issue 20 skipped, have 8 issues per shipment, and an increased frequency (but I don’t recall how often). So, I received issues 19 and 21 – 27 and have started some assembly.

            It’s good to be working on the model again.

    • Craig says:

      I’ve had the exact same issue. Parts delayed and constantly lied to and given the run around. Customer service at Eaglemoss is an absolute joke. Do yourself a favor and go with Agora models instead.

  5. Jorge says:

    Soy una de las tantas víctimas de el diario La Nación,de Buenos Aires,Argentina que no ha cumplido con la entrega en quioscos,de algunos fascículos(desde el 60 al 72 inclusive,en mi caso personal).He enviado cartas a ese diario,ofreciendo abonar la totalidad de los mismos,y no he tenido respuesta alguna.¿Hay alguna solución para este problema,o debemos conformarnos con una costosa maqueta de el 300 sl incompleta?.¿se pueden obtener dichos fascículos en otro país?.-

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