FIRST LOOK: AUTOart Ford F-150 Raptor Supercrew 2019 - Ruby Red •

FIRST LOOK: AUTOart Ford F-150 Raptor Supercrew 2019 – Ruby Red

AUTOart is showing off its painted sample of the upcoming 1:18 Ford F-150 Raptor featuring the Supercrew option.  The exterior colour is noted as Ruby Red and the model on the whole is extremely impressive thus far.  One miss, it looks like the rear tailgate is locked in place.  Almost perfect AUTOart!

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10 Responses to "FIRST LOOK: AUTOart Ford F-150 Raptor Supercrew 2019 – Ruby Red"

  1. Razorblade says:

    Ha! And no opening tailgate like the G63 6×6, is it that hard to make one???

    • Mike Wiseman says:

      Especially with the prices they have the nerve to be asking for these models…. and don’t even ask for working suspension. Lucky to get decal branded tires that can rub off. I have a few diecasts with branding and spec molded into the tires. It’s such a huge visual improvement to the model for something so small. Fortunately there seem to be brands popping up left and right lately in the business of producing high end, functional diecasts in 1:18 scale. My opinion for quite some time is that AA has simply had it too easy for too long now. Applaud them staking their claim at the top… but as with most big business, they are taking advantage and the consumer and loyal followers have to suffer. We are desperately in need of competition and hope this keeps up and these other brands grow and thrive

      • Razorblade says:

        Fully agree but we also shouldn’t buy AA, boycott them until they start producing quality stuff like before!

        • Karsten says:

          The only alternative would then then be the completely sealed GT Spirit or to abstain from having this vehicle in 1/18 scale. Considerations each collector needs to weigh.

    • Karsten says:

      In plastic? Probably yes, it will break off easily.

      • Mike Wiseman says:

        I personally don’t feel that is an acceptable excuse if that may be their reasoning. That can be applied to the entirety of all their models in the current era. The mirrors have that risk and they even move. I had to remove the hood from my Aa Honda Civic Type R (FK8) to fix a flaw. First time ever removing the hinge screws. Upon reinstall, two screws holes on the same side were stripped. Then after removing the screws on the opposite side to remove it caused the threads on a third hole to strip. I was hell trying to brainstorm how to fix it in a manner that still mimicked factory while keeping a reliable hold and allowing the hood to still close flush in the proper position. All because of this composite approach they are so hell bent on sticking with. Autoart wanted this, not us. It was supposed to create lower prices. All they’ve done is gone up, and that was before covid-19, and the devastating economic inflation lately. If they can’t make a simple opening tailgate due the fragility of the materials they choose to form their models from, then there is zero moral justification for them to be setting the price points for their efforts alongside and sometimes higher than much better, higher detailed opening diecast efforts coming out of some other brands recently. And the majority of these other brands have quantity limits on their releases, which understandably has an effect on the price point. Aa just mass produces everything. They never have special releases anymore, with fancy brochures and CoA included with designated production number. I believe without a doubt that their approach on this industry as of now has been based solely on a position of greed and not passion.

  2. Smcg says:

    Why did AA decide to pick the Chinese spec for this model? The headlights look poor. Hope this is just a sample thing

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