Kyosho New Diecast Nissan, Shelby & Toyota! •

Kyosho New Diecast Nissan, Shelby & Toyota!

Fans of Kyosho diecast and open series will have some newness to enjoy later this year, the team plans to deliver (estimated October/November) three new models, some reinvented and others new…  The first is the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, three new colours here include Dark Blue/White,  Silver/White and Sapphire Blue/White.  Kyosho claims enhancements over the previous release are the front windshield, rear taillights and fuel lid.  Suggested retail $198 US.

A classic off-road vehicle is also in the mix, welcome the 1:18 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ.  Colours here include Beige and Light Green.  Feature includes full working suspension, windshield adjustment with a nicely detailed motor.  Suggested retail here is $220 US.

And finally, shown in painted prototype form is their upcoming 1:18 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R (KPGC110). Exterior colours include Silver and White.  Full access is part of the package with both examples noted as RHD.  Suggested retail $198.  We should see more in-depth photos of these two soon!

Product# 08047DBL / 08047S / 08047SBL / 08959BE / 08959G / 08255S / 08255W


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9 Responses to "Kyosho New Diecast Nissan, Shelby & Toyota!"

  1. Fede Roloff says:

    I’m waiting for 1/12 lamborghini

  2. Tomcatters says:

    Good to see some older molds making a comeback. Gives me hope we might see re-releases of their Ferraris like the F40 or Testarossa at some point.

  3. TheInda says:

    Kyosho really is on a roll with those all-open releases! Glad to see that they found their way back

  4. Brian says:

    “Kyosho claims enhancements over the previous release are the front windshield, rear taillights and fuel lid.”

    That’s all well and good, but too bad they didn’t ‘enhance’ the dang mold. Why is it is hard for someone to make a decent 1:18 427 Cobra?

    • AJ says:

      Solido made decent 1:18 Shelby Cobra, it’s body shape is spot on…

      with a little bit of detailing it does look all around way better than this over priced garbage by Kyosho

      • Brian says:

        Yeah, the Solido’s body is pretty good…too bad the hood only opens halfway! Maybe if the hood is fixed, the entire body could be swapped onto a Kyosho chassis…

    • DS Team says:

      You can’t get everything :)

      • smsr725 says:

        Good job Kyosho. The pricing is exactly where it should be. If Autoart can do north of 200, why can’t you, right? Paudi, and similar Chinese makers could do great looking Asian models at sub 100 USD range even a year back, and now no body can release any diecast even if on old casting moulds at 150 or less. Great looking BJ though. Surely the tooling and all cost you gold a plenty!

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