Kyosho Some New and Some Old... •

Kyosho Some New and Some Old…

Kyosho is showing off a few upcoming pieces.  The first from their diecast series with opening parts is the 1:18 BMW M3 (E92).  A decent model from back in the day when diecast metal replicas were the norm.  Alpine White and Melbourne Red will be the two colours of choice.  Suggested retail $109US a piece.

From their Samurai series comes the model everyone and their mother is trying to produce in scale, the 1:18 Honda Civic Type R in White.  The model is based on the 2017 platform and made of resin material with a sealed-body design.  Only 700 pieces will be issued.  Suggested retail $219US.  We don’t understand why someone would spend this much on a sealed example when AUTOart will be releasing the same with full 360 access and possibly cheaper price point too.  Patience is key to success my friends…

Product# 08734W / 08734MR / KSR18029W-B

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2 Responses to "Kyosho Some New and Some Old…"

  1. JM says:

    The first(dealer) edition from 2008 was the best quality! This isn’t!!!

  2. JD says:

    I was fortunate enough to own the original E92 M3 as well.. even though the new re-release one isnt as good as the initial one but i gotta ask.. why is it that an fully opening model is half of the so called sealed resin Samurai series. Sealed resins that dont even have steerable front wheels are demanding top dollars these days wtf

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