Make Up New Releases •

Make Up New Releases

Five new announcements from Make Up include four new 1:18 models and two 1:43 scale.  The feature model finds the concept Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 car.  This example is definitely more refined than the earlier announcement of the same from GT Spirit in 1:18 scale.  See below for a complete list of cars and colours.

Lamborghini Countach LP400S Prototype “Walter Wolf 3rd” Geneva Motor Show 1978 (1:18)
IM054A – Launch Colour

Lexus LC500 First Production “S Package” 2020 (1:43)
EM557A – Orange
EM557B – Silver
EM557C – Blue
EM557D – Black

Toyota GR Supra RZ (US) Launch Edition 2019 (1:18)
IM048A – White
IM048B – Red
IM048C – Black

Toyota GR Supra RZ First Production (1:18)
IM049 – Phantom Matte Gray

Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018 (1:43)
EM536 : Launch Colour

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5 Responses to "Make Up New Releases"

  1. JIMMY says:

    Another day, another resin A90 Supra :( at this rate when when will we get a diecast version of the damn car?

    Another one I feel the same way about is the R35 GTR. The only one that’s been produced in diecast (by Norev, AutoArt and Bburago) is the 2009 (essentially first edition) model. It’s had a variety of changes since then. By now someone should even consider making this GT-R50 Italdesign in 1:18 diecast as well.

    It seems like nowadays, the only ways to get a new or late model car to be made in 1:18 diecast is to

    1: Hope it’s a European car so that maybe a company like Norev can make it at a reasonable price
    2: Hope it’s an American car and hope somehow Maisto makes one (or AutoArt makes one 6 years later)
    3: Hope that the Chinese market likes it so they go out and make one for the cost of a kidney

    I miss the 1990’s when we didn’t have to sit around and complain for cars to be made. I remember the days when everyone made their own version of the C5 Corvette or 350z. I understand the tooling costs and market conditions have changed, blah blah blah… but my point stands. I’m not talking about minivans or SUV’s, I do think that an a90 Supra in 1:18 scale diecast would sell period.

    • Tomcatters says:

      1000% agreed.

      I am pretty sure the new Skyline R34 and NSX NA2 from AA will sell like Hot Cakes tbh, even though there already numerous diecast and resin versions out there.

      I can’t wrap my around the fact that we never ever got a facelifted R35 (or Nismo GT-R) as openable 1:18 model, same with the A90 Supra.

      As a matter of a fact, I still firmly believe that an openable Supra Mk.IV would be very popular. The Kyosho version is really outdated and the Otto resin model sold out very quick as well despite obvious design flaws around the windshield trim.

  2. Sac says:

    I would buy any of these in a heartbeat if only available in diecast open model configuration…

  3. Moti says:

    You have a mistake the Lexus LC500 First Production “S Package” 2020 isn’t 1:18 but 1:43 ( IM- 1:18 / EM- 1:43)

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