Official Photos Almost Real RUF Rodeo Concept Car 2020 •

Official Photos Almost Real RUF Rodeo Concept Car 2020

With the positive reviews of their recent foray with the RUF brand, Almost Real is showing off photos of another RUF-inspired replica, welcome the 1:18 RUF Rodeo Concept Car 2020.  This is another full opening piece with surprisingly great detail accessory-wise on the exterior and beautifully manage interior side!  Look for this to hit shelves in June 2023 or pre-order now!

Product# 880101

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4 Responses to "Official Photos Almost Real RUF Rodeo Concept Car 2020"

  1. Luis Cantu says:

    AR makes great models. This is simply ugly

  2. Karsten says:

    I have just ordered one (along with a green Jag)! And for those who whine about AR making too much off-road: It´s not a G-waggon !!! I fact, this is more special than the other RUFs published so far. Actually, AR should make the old Yellow Bird that only exists in resin so far. I guess they probably will, having found themselves the RUF niche.

    • DS Team says:

      Agreed! Just ordered one too! Definitely a unique, very cool selection for those into Porsches or Concepts. Hoping AR will continue this tread. Owning multiple variants of the Yellow Bird, I’m for a full opening one. This iconic car deserves it!

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