OttOmobile 1:12 Volkswagen Kombi T2 - Blue/White •

OttOmobile 1:12 Volkswagen Kombi T2 – Blue/White

This is something new and something cool!  OttOmobile shares a new November release in 1:12 scale, here is the 1978 Volkswagen Kombi T2 in Blue/White exterior.  Production is limited to 99 pieces with a suggested retail of less than 150 Euro.  Contact our sponsors to pre-order one now!

About the Volkswagen Kombi T2…  “The Volkswagen “Combi” is known by many names: Combi, Volkswagen Type 2, VW Transporter, Bus, Microbus… this vehicle is above all an icon of the hippie generation. The T2, second generation of the “Kombi” was launched in 1967 and would be produced until 2013 in Brazil! An unwavering success that commands some modicum of respect. This symbol of “counter-culture” is also synonymous with travel and freedom. What if this was the idea that made him successful?”

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