Painted Samples LS Collectibles Ford Bronco •

Painted Samples LS Collectibles Ford Bronco

LS Collectibles is showing off their painted sample of the upcoming 1:18 Ford Bronco.  There is definitely much more work to do, especially with the wheels…  Current state the model leans to a more toy-like specimen than collector piece.  Good luck to them!

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  1. Pablo Pozo says:

    Its a pity they put on some really ugly wheels and tyres, it leaves you with the feeling they are not going to be able to solve such notorious error. The tyres on an off roader are critical and the ones there look they come from a really cheap chinese toy, if they cannot do a good tyre and wheel set they should look from some other outside supplier to do it for them, I have a lot of models with more realistic tyres and wheels like maisto and hotwheels, and wouldnt consider them collector items….

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