PHOTO GALLERY: Automodello Art Castor's 1956 Ford F600 •

PHOTO GALLERY: Automodello Art Castor’s 1956 Ford F600

More from Automodello today, here we share one of their 1:43 examples, the Art Castor’s 1956 Ford F600 with 4-Car Trailer.  As we discussed in previous articles from Automodello, their passion for unique subject matter is second to none.  Did we mention they also tell a story?  This story here belongs to Art Castor Jr.  In short, Art was the car whisper of the day.  His genius and passion for the wrench are legendary.  As Automodello describes it, “mechanical magic touch“.   An inner driven appreciation was to revive the old, bring items back to a state of new, and no task was too small or too big.  One project is the scale model we have here, the 1956 Ford Hauler and Trailer.

As for the model, it is a limited edition piece of 249 and was released in December 2019.  Exterior paint is named Deep Blue, the application is superb.  Diecast metal along with plastic parts make up both pieces.  Overall truck and trailer are well outlined, each defining a part of history with tiny detailing or graphic decals…  We have no access to the hauler’s interior and the trailer is static as well.  If looking for little automotive history, the pair is available now at Automodello.

The Ford F600 does represent the original well.  Ingredients like metal bits used for fuel and related parts go along way.  Admirable attention to detail on the wheels and tires with full spare provided in the rear.  Also, the trailer coupler is functional too!

Trailer side the attention to detail is good.  The decal effort is notable and striking.  There is also a functional trailer toe at the front that keeps the trailer level when not in service.  Where we found some challenges with the reproduction of the intricate detail of the upper and lower rails.  These elements are so thin and delicate our example showed some flexing and some tie points had actually broken loose (note our model is press sample) – see image below.  The model comes with instructions on how to remove from each piece from the packaging/foam housing, definitely follow them carefully.  Enjoy the pics!


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