PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari F50 Spider •

PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari F50 Spider

Almost 30 years ago the Ferrari F50 Spider was released.  This is one of the legacy cars from Ferrari that doesn’t get sufficient fanfare but to each their own!  Replacing another champion in their line  The Ferraru F40, the F50 definitely had large shoes to fill.  A more curvaceous-inspired design, the coupe F50 led to the two-seater, Targa top as shown here in replica form from BBR.

The BBR example is shown in Rosso Corsa 322 exterior – a perfect blend of light/dark shades.  This one comes from BBR’s resin and series.  Yes, I know this is resin and I also know it is sealed.  Seems this combination along with BBR’s price of admission will ruffle a few feathers.  No apologies here, I’ve given Bburago years to prove they can offer something to replace the mid-level market effort.  And though many of their examples offer some awesome value, I wanted more.  So, I ordered a bunch of resin models from BBR in protest, the first to arrive is the Ferrari F50 Spider.

As for the model, it’s an exceptional effort but an expensive one too!  Presentation is always a priority with BBR, with quality and care given to the box and leather base.  Though if I’m honest neither means much as I display all my collection without the cover and removed from the base.  The paint is flawless, and did I mention all my Ferraris must be RED!  The motor effort is well above other resin efforts from mid-level brands, check out the lighting effects the crew at DS used to enhance the details!  Interior-wise, BBR does well, the added texture to the dash and carbon fibre trim brings the basic, no-nonsense interior elements to life.  Note the manual side window cranks!

If there were any objection or wish list, it would be a fully opening model so I can enjoy every angle of this gorgeous, well to me Ferrari F50 Spider.  Until that one arrives, the BBR representation will provide me with s a fantastic placeholder.  Enjoy the pics!

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10 Responses to "PHOTO GALLERY: BBR Ferrari F50 Spider"

  1. InTheFastLane says:

    There is also the fully opening Hotwheels Elite F50 – also a reasonable model.

  2. HOTWEELS164 says:

    I have the coupe version in red, and after 3 years of wait, my only complaint is the treatment of the front indicator/fog lights. I’m glad they focused their efforts on the interior and engine bay, but you can’t miss anything regarding the front of a car.

  3. Peter says:

    The F50 is actually a very good, very capable car that suffers from the Clarkson effect. Check out Derek Tam-Scott’s review of it on ISSIMI’s youtubes. The world would be a better place if we listened more to people with merit and less to those skilled at delivering convincing speeches, but not necessarily knowing how to drive a state of the art supercar with F1 tech.

    As for the model, it looks like a stellar effort. It’s baffling that you get to have a detailed model of the engine you can’t really see.

    It should be a full access model, that’s it.

  4. Jelle says:

    It does look really good! Nice pics, and with the fine mesh and the rear window/louvres, an opening engine compartment isn’t that necessary imho.

    • DS Team says:

      I recently took a look at the old HWE F50 Coupe, other than providing access to the internal bits it can’t hold a candle to the BBR item shown here.

  5. Holo says:

    What are the Bburago models you consider better value? For me, THis F50 was the first BBurago 1/18th scale I received (back then, I was young enough to be gifted one, not buying them myself!)

    • DS Team says:

      They offer value strictly of price alone. What they don’t offer is refinement. So this is something you will need to answer on what is important, and what you are willing to buy for it.

  6. Giorgio262 says:

    those shots of the back of the car with the fine seethrough mesh. Wow. I think it’s the first time I see a scale model of the F50 that gives me such a good impression of the real car. Generally I’m not at all a fan of sealed resin models, but I think I’d love to have this one on my desk.

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