PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Porsche 356 Pre-A •

PHOTO GALLERY: Solido Porsche 356 Pre-A

A couple of classic Porsches came by our desk, both made by Solido.  We have the Porsche 356 Pre-A in Silver and the Panamericana Eva Peron race version.  These examples are 1:18 scale and feature diecast metal exterior.  This particular model also offers access to the interior, though rear motor and front storage are sealed.  For less than $75 CND these are a great value and will provide excellent shelf presence for those that just want a simple scale model without breaking the bank!

As for the models themselves, execution is very good in terms of overall bodylines, above-average paint, decent chrome effort and very good decal work is evident on the Eva Peron car.  Interiors are simple, mostly plastic bits without the refinement and creature comforts of flocking and seatbelts.  However, the interior dash gets some bonus marks.  Enjoy the pics!


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  1. spikyone says:

    Looks like a nice effort. One small point; seatbelts were only introduced widely in the mid/late 1950s. It’s unlikely this Porsche had them fitted, even for the race version.

  2. MARK says:

    At least wrong bumpers on Eva Peron car, which is quite obvious…

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