Production Photos Kyosho Diecast Lancia & Fait •

Production Photos Kyosho Diecast Lancia & Fait

We hinted at these news releases or should we say livery and colours earlier this month…  Today we share a few production photos of Lancia Delta HF Integrale and Fiat 131 Abarth Rally in race and street trim!  Models feature diecast metal exterior with full access.  The group of models should arrive in August/September 2021.  Retail starts at $198 US.

08376D –  Fiat 131 Abarth Rally – 1981 Costa Smeralda Fiat Works #1 Markku Alen/Ilkka Kivimaki
08376E –  Fiat 131 Abarth Rally – 1978 1000 Lakes Alitalia #3 Markku Alen/Ilkka Kivimaki
08376B –  Fait 131 ABARTH Rally – 1978 Rally Portugal #1 Sandro Munari / Piero Sodano
08376Y –  Fiat 131 Abarth, Yellow

08348C – Lancia Delta HF Integrale – 1993 Monte Carlo “Carlos Sainz” –
08348D – Lancia Delta HF Integrale – 1992 Sanremo “Juha Kankkunen” –
08343Y – Lancia Delta HF Integrale – Gialla (Yellow)

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4 Responses to "Production Photos Kyosho Diecast Lancia & Fait"

  1. BA says:

    The yellow Delta reminds me of an episode of Harrys garage.

  2. Makinen says:

    Lanica never ran the brake coolers in 1993 and the antennae should be straight and not at an angle. I hope Kyosho will fix these minor things before release.

    • Giorgio262 says:

      I guess that’s unlikely. Neither Kyosho nor Autoart seem to me like they’re dedicated to the point of actually caring about that kind of details. My guess is that one has to intend these models as a base model offered in diferent liveries and not as a replica of a specific car in the exact configuration for that specific race. Of course for a very dedicated collector\modeller that would probably be unacceptable. And yet, if one wants to start obsessing over details, then, when is it going to be enough? I guess each one of us makes his\her own rules regarding what is an acceptable compromise.

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