PSA: Possible colour issues with Almost Real's Brabus G800 •

PSA: Possible colour issues with Almost Real’s Brabus G800

Almost Real has made a limited edition in polar white of the Brabus G800 Widestar that is currently sold, sometimes sold out already and re-sold second-hand at a premium. After I received one on Friday that has a roof, wheel arches and front fascia that contrast with the rest of the car´s polar white in being more cream/ivory, a google search for pictures of it suggests that the issue might be more widespread. Clever photography can cover up existing problems.

We have reached out to Almost Real and retailers and are awaiting their replies.

In the meantime we advise caution when buying it: Make sure, you may easily return the model with all your costs refunded and you have sufficient buyer protection if the issue occurs on your purchase.

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3 Responses to "PSA: Possible colour issues with Almost Real’s Brabus G800"

  1. Steven Weiner says:

    That’s pretty disgusting and inexcusable unless the real 1:1 vehicle is like that!

  2. Giorgio262 says:

    Personally I find the styiling of the Brabus bits on this G class more offensive than the unintentional “bi-colour option”.

    • Razorblade says:

      Finally a person who shares my opinion. Brabus is going the Mansory way, shame when you think in the past they were known for understated bodykits and beast performance… As for the model, this is a big deal if it turns out being quality issue…

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