REVIEW: AUTOart Lexus LC500 •

REVIEW: AUTOart Lexus LC500

Well I hope the holidays have served you well.  Reconnecting with family and loved ones is very important this time of year.  Since I’m on a mini vacation of sorts I decided to add another review before years end.  Happy New Year folks!

The next model underneath the microscope is the recent release from AUTOart, the 1:18 Lexus LC500 in Black.  This model comes from their composite line of models and features full access to interior bits and motor.  The LC500 will set you back about $229 CND. So how well did AUTOart do, read on…

The exterior paint of the Lexus LC500 in found in Black.  If you read some of our earlier reviews on the AUTOart composite line you know they had some work to do here.  I’m happy to report that the paint application here on the LC500 is excellent, some of the best we’ve seen from their composite series to date.  So good in fact it looks wet to the touch.

Body-lines and panel gaps are extremely clean on our example.  The model on the whole seems to mirror the original car well.  Rear section intakes just behind the doors feature open and detailed vents.  And the limited chrome work along side carbon fibre roof treatment is completed well too.

The latest Lexus platform of vehicles is built around the large front grille.  AUTOart’s reproduction is exceptional here, a highlight for this model and my personal favourite element of the design.

The large centre grille also reveal cooling apparatus behind.  There are also other styling challenges that are completed well, this includes the large integrated headlight design into the bumper.  Headlight detail on the whole is above average and fit and finish is excellent with our example.

Moving to the rear of the LC500 the quality of workmanship continues.  Chrome/Silver work on the taillight and lower exhaust area is completed well.  Lexus logo and LC500 badge are executed with quality photo-etched bits.

Access to the rear storage is available and there is also a fully functional integrated spoiler.  Both function flawlessly.  Good to see they made some improvement on spoiler front, I remember the Mercedes-Benz GT-S was somewhat challenging to open.  Inside the storage area is fully carpeted.  Note the full detailed underside of the hatch, quality hinge work and struts. All elements add the realism we collectors crave for.

The LC500 is powered the 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V-8 from the RC F and GS F. Output is rated at a respectable 468 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. AUTOart for the most part creates homage to the original power plant, though we concede not every wire or miscellaneous part is found.  If that was the expectation for all manufactures these models would cost a whole lot more!  What is and added bonus are the added hinge work and struts on each side.  Operation is flawless and fit and finish is excellent.

The wheels are covered in chrome with some of the inter workings of the wheels painted Black.  Metal rotors with a scratched surface look and Black calipers with Lexus logo complete the package.  There is new added element we don’t see to often in scale, note the added tire script on the tire.  Quite impressive.  Well done AUTOart!

Inside the LC500 is treated to a fully tan colour interior, a perfect marriage matting the Black exterior with the inside.  All areas of the interior are completed with attention to detail; these elements include the dash, centre console, seats, door cards and more.  In our opinion one of the cleanest interiors from the brand in some time.  Full carpeting is found and seat-belts with metal buckles are included too.  One complaint we have is the seat-belt material used, rubber/plastic-like material is found.  We prefer to side with fabric for true authenticity.

Dare I say it, this is some of AUTOart’s best work in some time.  The model is near perfect in many regards.  The subject matter is unique, and some of the future colours options will help refine this.  For those wanting to expand their sport car collection, this one is a must.  And those on the fence with composite, we say go for it!  We guarantee you will not be disappointed in this effort from the brand.  Our team is looking forward to the future colour options.  Enjoy the pics!

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9 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Lexus LC500"

  1. George K says:

    Thank you. I must say, for all my doubts and complaints about AutoArt and the composite line, this really looks like a beautiful model!

  2. bservais says:

    Great review for a very nice model! Will buy it but in red :-)

  3. John says:

    I pre-ordered the metallic red version. I can’t wait to get it after this review!

  4. Perry says:

    That settles it: I’m ordering this!

  5. Moondawn says:

    It just goes to show (again) that building materials have nothing to do with quality of the model as a whole. The grille is a piece of art and finally lives up to the builders’ name. Now if thís would have been on the MotY list…

  6. Marek says:

    I like, that in between all those improvements, they did not disappoint on the seatbelts…again !!! ;-))

  7. Daniel says:

    Those tyres look fantastic, well done Autoart on listening to some suggestions and adding sidewall detail.

  8. Alex says:

    Just paid for the red one I pre-ordered and looking forward to it’s arrival!

  9. Domee says:

    Just ordered a black LC 500. I couldnt be happier! Thanks for this great review, it really hepled me!
    This car is exceptional and a piece of art! Both the real one and this one from autoart ;)

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