REVIEW: BBR Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm •

REVIEW: BBR Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

Back in 2017, the team had the pleasure of reviewing the 1:18 scale BBR Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.  Leaning towards the premium side of resin and static examples, we were very impressed with the overall results.  Fast forward to 2021, BBR is back with two variants of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, GTA and GTAm, the latter is the basis of our review here today.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm is considered the hardcore option of the two variants.  It’s bigger in every sense of the word, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean heavier!  With various weight-saving measures and aero updates, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm is primarily track-focused, this attention allows it to handily outperforms the GTA and Quadrifoglio.  Visually, the exterior over the GTM comes in wider panels, larger and lighter wheels, an adjustable front splitter, and a massive and adjustable rear spoiler.  Inside the interior’s notable difference is the absence of the rear seating, which, if you’re familiar with the car has been replaced with an OEM roll-cage, rear side only.  Truly radical!

The available twin-turbo 2.9-litre V-6 engine is still as capable as ever, now boasts 540 horsepower, and mated to an Akrapovic exhaust system, the car sounds more enticing than ever.  And it’s not all about horsepower, aerodynamic upgrades are said to have a direct linage to F1’s Sauber Engineering and deliver improved downforce, in some cases 150 times more than the base model, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Our example in scale is the more aggressive GTAm trim.  The exterior is completed in Rosso GTA.  Gold calipers alongside carbon fibre roof and various trim bits complete the exterior side, while inside the inherent roll cage is painted the same as the exterior.  Let me tell you this limited edition of 390 pieces looks stunning in the flesh!  You do pay a premium over your mass production resin brands, but the results are clearly multiple steps above the competition.

The paintwork is flawless throughout.  The metallic sprinkle found in the paint applied to perfection.  We’re not the best behind the lens, so capturing its true essence does provide a challenge  The carbon fibre craftsmanship is on point and there is much to see throughout the exterior side.  (AUTOart, THIS IS HOW YOU EXCUTE CARBON FIBRE!)

Being a static example, shutlines and panel gaps are extremely good.  The level of sharpness is more than capable of satisfying most collectors.  As for overall shape, BBR hits the mark and captures the vision of the design in scale, we find no glaring issues.  In short, it’s that good!

The front end of the GTAm is beautifully complete.  BBR provides all mesh and perforated grilles.  Even behind the grilles the detailing is quite impressive and more than your typical resin brand strives for. Even the small arrow pointing to the tow-hook makes its presence known.  Headlight definition is good, nothing more.

Moving upwards, side venting is capped with mess grille as well as the two opening mid-level of the hood.  The dual Quadrifoglio and Autodelta decals are present and provide intricate detail of their respective designs.

The rear is much of the same.  The dual-wing upper spoiler takes much of the applause, it is accurately finished in carbon fibre, with a perfect gloss.  Found in the centre is the small lip, though the intricate bits of the manual adjustability of the aero are not provided.

Taillights seem to mirror the original well.  The lower diffuser is definitely a prize, appliable opening, even so small are capped with metal and perforated grilles.  The execution of the Akrapovic exhaust is on par too.  We love the results here.

A centre lock wheel technique is adopted on the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, and BBR is up to the task.  We were impressed with the overall execution of the wheels and the supporting cast of rotors and calipers.  The good, great paint and sharp detailing definitely provide solid results.  The Gold the calipers are very attentive and the Alfa Romeo decal is easily read.  And clear definition around the multiple piece rotors is shown too.

What we did not like, tire sidewall in our opinion too small, the model looks like it is riding on rubber bands.  Though we will admit this error is negligible and does not detract from the model as a whole.  And lastly, a static model at this price should also include air values for each wheel.  They are missing here.

Inside the driver area, the interior is superbly done.  What BBR does well, and better than most is its ability to utilize texture, materials, and colours to unify a truly realistic depiction in scale.  The results of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm definitely lands on BBR better efforts.  The Alcantara elements are plenty, dash, doors, armrest and rear section are all clearly defined in this trim.

The basic elements are here too.  Flocking throughout the interior, and fabric seat belts are provided.  BBR has even captured the Sabelt and Alfa Romeo logos into the multiple-point harness.  Speaking of harness, the connection point to the colour-matched rear roll-cage is priceless, it looks so cool!  Sorry, no photos to share.  Tinted windows made it difficult to capture.

If we had any complainants, which are little, they include possible missing Red stitching on the steering and centre console shifter knob.  Also, the rear cradled fire extinguisher is very poor, it is missing the upper apparatus.  Not sure if this was their intent or a production miss.  Either way, the results are poor and aren’t on par with the rest model.

In short, the BBR Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm is a very capable replica.  We highly recommend it for fans of modern Alfa Romeo or sportscar fans in general.  We might even go as far as to say even better than the standard Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio we reviewed back in 2017.  It’s that good. Alfa Romeo is betting the GTAm will be a collector classic, and we think the scale version will be cherished too.

For some, a premium price to pay for resin and static is way too high, and that is a respected position.  To others that are looking for a near-perfect definition in scale, the BBR Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm will get the job done and then some.  For those looking for the added filler; BBR’s presentation of base and the optional cover becomes a more compelling choice.  And to date, there isn’t an alternative option.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by limited edition or low production numbers.  In the end, as in most cases, this is just marketing…  And if you have any breath in the hobby, you know BBR is the master of marketing techniques.  Patience is key, and if you can’t get this colour option from BBR you can bet there will be a parade of other options soon.  Enjoy the pics!


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10 Responses to "REVIEW: BBR Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm"

  1. Karsten says:

    Thanks for the review. In many ways this is the abolute opposite of the Escala. But you have to be very into it to spend the 350 to over 600 Euros currently asked for it. Very!

    • DS Team says:

      Yes and no. If price is a single element of choice then yes. We believe for most collectors it is not.

      We have now seen Escala in the flesh, a great model for the price and it isn’t static in design but it has its limits… The Alfa Guilla GTAm is a radical monster, price aside the model delivers on many levels and excels over the Escala too even in static form. But in the end, one needs to be motivated to invest in the premium brands like BBR.

      • Karsten says:

        Yes, it excels over the Escala for sure. That’s why I said “opposite in many ways”. But still, 600 Euros? The Count Trossi “only” was 450! And this sure does not excel over the Trossi in any category.

        • DS Team says:

          Not sure where you are buying or inquiring about BBR models. This model was NOWHERE near 600 Euros. About 299-329 on the retail side… Yes, CMC excels in detail BUT these cars are completely different specimens. Different strokes for different folks. Would we like a fully accessible and CMC detailed Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm? Yes. The question is, who will make it? Likely none.

          • Karsten says:

            I admit, I care very little for an Alfa, but I would like a Ferrari Pista Piloti, by BBR, but in diecast. As they only offer it in resin, I don’t want it enough to buy. It’s not that I don’t buy resin, but 150 to 180 Euros is the limit for me now. I am happy with my Spark Bentley and my Spark Donkervoort. I am happy with my GT Spirit Bentley Turbo R. I am happy with my Jaguar XJs and Lagonda by Cult Scale. All under 200. Every resin I bought for more I came to regret. For example, I bought an MR Sesto Elemento (because as a concept car it seemed unlikely to be made by anyone else in 360 access), and then the AutoArt came along, for less.
            The Alfa is a beauty, yes, but obviously too fragile and costly to remove from its base. Maybe someone else here will feel more attracted. Why not?

          • DS Team says:

            “The Alfa is a beauty, yes, but obviously too fragile and costly to remove from its base”

            LOL no, actually the opposite. In the mists on home reno, currently, no space to display the latest entries into the collection. Once complete, this will be on display with the other 600+ currently on display. It was more of a convenience, as the model needed to be packed up and stored temporarily.

          • Karsten says:

            600+? Wow! I couldn’t display half of that in my humble abode. I already have too many as it is. Small wonder you’ve got ample space and cash for this one here too.

          • DS Team says:

            Altas, these are first-world problems… Just some perspective, coming from one of a handful of contributors to this website. I’ve been collecting since the early nineties. And I’m blessed to be in a position to purchase select models I fee than move ME.

            Space always comes at a premium, I cherish every inch. The home office has become a shrine of sorts, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Back to the model, the BBR Alfa Guilia is that good ;)

  2. Atalante says:

    Not sure when you got your prices (299, 329… 600?) but this model costs 243 euro plus shipping on BBR website (after the 2nd purchase) or 270 euro otherwise. For reference the original Giulia Quadrifoglio was 210 euro. That being said it looks much better finished than the original Giulia. It was mentioned in the review but to me the tires are a complete fail at this price point. Wrong profile (almost no side wall), no side lip and obviously no side markings (typical BBR). This basically ruins the wheels appearance of an otherwise very nice model.

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