REVIEW: BBR Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider •

REVIEW: BBR Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider

All Ferraris should be Red!  Maybe not.  We got our hands on one of the latest Ferraris from BBR’s resin and sealed series.  Welcome the 1:18 Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider 2019 in Giallo Tristrato or otherwise known as Yellow Metallic.  This is a limited production replica of 100 pieces, this particular car comes equipped with Silver-painted wheels with Red brake calipers.  Don’t let the limited production discourage you, BBR is famous for multiple releases of the same body colour with alternative wheel and or brake colour combinations.  Not to mention the legendary assortment of alternative colours.  Truthfully it is a full-time job just managing the slight differences between them all.  In short, if you don’t get your hands on this specific combo there are others like it just around the corner.

Some of you may ask why don’t we see more “high-end” models reviewed here at  The answer is simple, the cost.  We don’t have a budget to purchase each and every model, and most of the time samples, of the high-end variety are not provided to us. So, if we can’t source one from our inner core of friends chances are it won’t go under the microscope.  Thanks, Luk for providing us with this example!

BBR targets a specific market, the high-end collector, at over $600 CND a pop this represents a substantial amount for a scale model.  Definitely placing BBR with CMC, Amalgam and others. We understand the scale of economics, licensing costs with Ferrari do play some part in the overall expense, though on the flip side with Ferrari backing that is usually a license to print money…

As for the Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider, it continues with Ferraris line of mid-engines supercars.  With a fully retractable roof and 700+ horsepower, the appeal is easily interpreted.  The base price is around the 200,000 Euro mark with a host of options that could increase the price by another 100,000 or more, the limits here are endless it seems.

Moving to the model there is no doubt BBR can execute a Ferrari in scale.  The Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider’s overall appearance and body lines are on point.  Every curve and styling cue is executed with precision, and the model on a whole is polished to Ferrari’s own finish standards.

The exterior paint is some of the best we’ve ever seen in scale.  As far as we understand BBR adopts the same paint techniques that Ferrari employs today.  All areas are flawless with zero blemishes.  The paint’s depth is not easily captured in photos either.  The craftsmanship also translates to the exterior carbon fibre work, which is truly a work of art; someone at BBR needs to show AUTOart how to execute the same!

Did we mention there is zero glue residue found on any of the exterior bits?  This is definitely a bone of contention with lower priced, resin models. Honestly, this is the BEST resin model our team has seen to date in terms of quality control.  The level of fine detail in the panel gaps and supporting cast of minor parts are exquisite!

The Scuderia badges on each side are jewels, they look as they came from Ferrari themselves!

It’s not all roses…  At this price point, there should be zero compromises, well with the Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider there are some.  First, small intakes on the front feature solid plastic, this also extends to the side scoops on the rear side.

As we move to the front, one will note the parking sensors are not found, though they appear in the rear.  The remaining elements of the front minus the hard plastic grilles (as mentioned above) for intakes are exceptional.  The headlights are adequate, though the level of detail is slightly lacking based on how the exterior performs as a whole.  Note the delicate detailing of the lower side fins on either side.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider is a static piece so access to the rear motor or functional spoiler isn’t part of the price tag. The remaining elements of the design are excellent, to say the least.  There is one exception, a minor one at that, the White colouring within the centre of the rear taillights appear too dark.

Wheels are an important component of any successful replica, and BBR does deliver.  The wheels are beautifully crafted – the total ingredients of the rim, lug nuts, centre logo and air value is likely the best package we’ve seen in some time.  The rear supporting cast of rotors and calipers are on par too.  You can visually see what a true ceramic rotor should look like!  Why others mimic BBR outperforms!

Before we move to the inside, we wanted to mention the front windshield.  The windshield technique embraced by BBR is aww inspiring.  How something so simple can leave such an impression is a testament to BBR’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The interior of the Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider overall is impressive.  The dash, centre console are highly tuned and surpass or are on par with the present-day cast of manufactures with likely exception to CMC and Amalgam, though both of these brands are usually priced more. BBR effectively uses colours and textures to provide a stunning product.  Even behind the seats, they provide the mesh storage area. The carbon fibre detail throughout is epic and the additional interior appointing with Yellow stitching elevates the final product even more.

There are some challenges though, but before we elaborate we wanted to point out that Ferrari embraces a plethora of additional options on the base car and our definition might be in error.  Within the steering wheel (top), there should be the redline shifter indicator based on the accompanying carbon fibre package.  Though BBR does use some textures to effectively define Alcantara with the cabin, the surrounding interior shell is bare of flocking. This doesn’t detract from the interior overall, but at this price point, it is paramount no stone be left un-turned.

The BBR Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider is no doubt a brilliant piece, even one that would make Enzo Ferrari proud.  The model proves strong in many aspects of scale model execution which we enjoy and the most discriminating collector would desire.  However, there are some shortcomings that at this price point that cannot be ignored, especially on the exterior side where solid plastic is substituted for authentic perforated grilles as replacements of the original design.

There is also the debate of static versus full 360 access – this model is nearly double that of typical AUTOart with full access.  In the end, each collector chooses to buy or not buy a particular model.  What motives some may not necessarily translate to others.  We need to respect both sides.  In short, the BBR Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider delivers the wow factor, and in the end, isn’t that the most important thing?  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Wow, no one had anything to say… Guess the model speaks for itself.

    • DS Team says:

      I guess the model is perfect. LOL…

    • MRM says:

      Well, I have something to say. First off, I have no idea how I missed this. And second of all – I AM JEALOUS! I somehow missed obtaining this model. I had the chance to have it other colors, but the yellow was sold out and that’s the one I want. It’s a great model.

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