REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi 200 Avant 20v •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi 200 Avant 20v

The guys at DNA Collectibles sent over a handful of their 1:43 examples for us to review.  The first of three under the microscope is the Audi 200 Avant 20v.  This model from Audi was built from 1984 until 1990.  The Avant came equipped with five cylinders with a normally aspirated standard version and three turbo variants.  Two-wheel drive and Quattro were available through its production run as well. So how did DNA Collectibles execute their version of the Audi 200 Avant 20v?  Read on.

Once again thinking outside the box the team offers the model with the felt bag with an identification tag.  Something we pointed out in their 1:18 scale series.  Also, the base is clear, but what makes it unique is the size.  It is not the typical 1:43 offering, it stretches the footprint to 3.75″ x 6.50″.  What we would suggest to DNA Collectibles is rib the edging of the base and lid so to make the cases stackable and secure.

The exterior of the Audi 200 Avant is crafted in resin.  The paint application is top-notch and consistent throughout.  The OEM paint is called Lago Blue Metallic.  Excuse our new Black backdrop which is producing a slighting darker appearance.  The transition from the metallic paint to Black moulding is nicely executed as well as are the small details like euro side indicators, mirrors, doors handles and roof rack.  We could go on!  As this is a resin, sealed example, shutlines and panel gaps are on point too.

The front is dominated by the four rings of Audi.  Nice execution on the upper fascia chrome work around the perimeter and rings. The lower section is nicely detailed with indicators and lower opening in the bumper for motor and brake cooling.  It is surprising how much detail can be squeezed in such little space!

This is the Avant version, so the rear deck is equipped with hatch – fifth door as they say.  We like the detail in the glass and added rear wiper.  Very nice photo-etched decals, they also identified the key-hole in the centre.  Headlight materials are quality as well as the as execution of the exhaust/muffler left side.

No accesses to internal bits are provided, though we did snap a few photos of the undercarriage.  Note the defined exhaust, drivetrain and front suspension bits.  Review the images below for a closer look.

The wheels are 15″ Mono-block style rollers.  In our opinion, the rim size is slightly too large and tire depth/sidewall is slightly too small based on photos we studied.  This is not a huge miss.  No brake or suspension components are visible from the front view either, most likely due to the wheel style.

Inside the Audi 200 Avant is covered in a tan interior.  Black elements such as the steering wheel, shifter, and centre emergency brake help define the various elements of the interior.  A wood grain style stripe completes the dash, centre console and door cards.  The entire package is well defined and executed.  In essence, it does not look cheap.  On the flip side, there is no flocking or seat-belts found front or rear.

DNA Collectibles has proven they can execute 1:18 replicas (see our earlier reviews), that theme continues with their 1:43 scale series.  The Audi Avant 20v is another great example of this team is all about.  Unique specimens with excellent results in scale.  I’m sure this classic Audi will find its way into many collections, and with their summer sale still in effect, you can acquire this piece for about $60US.  Upcoming soon, we’ll have a complete review of the 1:43 Volvo V70 XC and Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo.  Enjoy the pics!

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