REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi R8 LMX •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Audi R8 LMX

We present the first Audi from DNA Collectibles in 1:18 scale, it is the Audi R8 LMX, a limited production variant of the first generation R8.  A little context about the car, it is considered the last variant of the popular first generation R8 platform.  The LMX variant enhances what is already one capable supercar.  Another first for Audi, the R8 LMX was equipped from the factory with laser headlights.  Only 99 of these beauties were put into production each featured Ara Blue paint and the 570 HP 5.2-litre V10 engine.  Do want!

As mentioned, this one comes from DNA Collectibles.  As we type this their second Audi in 1:18 scale is readily available for pre-order, it is the MKI Audi TT Coupe 3.2.  Retail on the R8 LMX will set you back about $169 or $225 CND with no more than 320 pieces being issued worldwide – each model comes with a numbered chassis.

In typical DNA Collectibles form the paint application here is top-notch.  No flaws, the rare Ara Blue exterior really pops!  Carbon fibre is visible on the exterior, most obvious is the blades on each side – behind you’ll find metal perforated grilles.  The remainder carbon fibre elements are found on the chin spoiler, front fins, mirrors, rear top spoiler and lower rear diffusor/bumper.  The workmanship is excellent and the quality of carbon fibre weave meets our approval.

This is a sealed model so panel gaps and shutlines aren’t an issue.  As for the definition of panel gaps, they are very good. Depth and definition can be seen. As for overall design and appearance, the DNA Collectibles R8 LMX does provide an excellent representation.

From the front, you get a nice view of the headlight detail.  As mentioned, this was the first car from Audi to feature laser headlights.  DNA Collectibles results are very good.  The intricate design of each lighting source/diode is visible with the fit and finish being well executed.  Centre grilles and each cooling intakes (left/right side) feature perforated grilles – the outer is metal while the centre is crafted in plastic.

The front isn’t totally perfect.  If you look closely it appears to have four fins on the outer intakes.  This is off somewhat from the original.  The upper fin should extend just in front of the headlight housing making it almost disappear.  Also, the overall spacing between each fin should be slightly larger.

The rear of the R8 LMX is near perfect.  All elements seem to be in line with the original.  The team goes as far as providing the parking sensors throughout the bumper.  Open areas on each end are once again executed with metal perforated grilles.  High marks for overall presentation.  Taillight have been debated for accuracy, though we’re not 100% sure if the lower clear section is part of the LMX taillight recipe.  Anyone?

As we move up the rear the 5.2-litre V10 makes an appearance through the glass.  Even though the model is sealed the motor detail is exceptional.  We even pulled out the early Kyosho R8’s to compare, DNA is better.  Their attention to detail is evident, right down to the two chrome struts on either side of the motor housing.  Well done!

If we had one minor complaint the cooling vents on either side of the glass, each could have been slightly better defined.

Wheels are an important element to any successful replica, and again DNA Collectibles comes through in spades.  Nicely defined rims are matted to massive rotors and red calipers front and rear.  No tire script is present on the rubber.  Overall very good marks.

Inside the interior of the R8 LMX shines.  DNA Collectibles pulls out all the stops and goes for it wide open throttle!  Fully lined carpeted floor, fabric seat-belts are a staples.  Dash, door cards, seats, roofline and centre console all provide a high level of detail.  This interior rocks!

The DNA Collectibles Audi R8 LMX definitely provides the collector with a true scale representation the R8 LMX.  It seems the team has found the formula to replicating an authentic model, and one that excels inside and out.  Yes, there are some mirrors misses and the model does command top dollar for a resin piece.  When you’re dealing with limited production and quality at this level it will come at a premium.  The Audi R8 LMX is a must of Audi fans, and collectors of supercars alike.  This one comes highly recommend.  Enjoy the pics!

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    Incredible!!! You find a lot of Kyosho R8. Make somthing that doesn’t exist on 1:18

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