REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche/RUF 911 (993) Turbo R Limited •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Porsche/RUF 911 (993) Turbo R Limited

Our next model for review is the 1:18, resin replica of the Porsche/RUF 911 (993) Turbo R Limited by GT Spirit.  If you’re not familiar will the brand, they provide a mid-level resin/sealed models in both 1:18 and 1:12 scale.  There is a second European exclusive colour for this model as well; the example is found in Red with Silver wheels.

From an exterior point of view the strike point on the model are the Gold wheels set against a lovely Grey exterior with Black accent bits.  Paint on the GT Spirit examples are always on point and this one is no exception.  Even the cooling grilles on the rear spoiler are completed with care and precision – not always the case here.

Shutlines are good as well as the panel gaps, but as we usually mention in our reviews this is a given with sealed resin models from all brands.  However where the model fails is the unusual angle of the front windshield and length on the roof line to rear does not mirror the 993 platform well. The angle should have been pushed forwarded slightly.

From the front the RUF 911 (993) Turbo R bumper is dramatically different than the standard 933.  Large intake/fins on the side of the bumper are the staple here.  GT Spirit’s design is simple and not as defined as the original car, also sold plastic bits are used over perforated vents for all cooling areas.  Missing is Black moulding in the GT Spirit design that separates the individual panels that is clearly defined on the 1:1.  Also Black trim is missing around the front headlights.

Many have been complaining about the lack of pre-delivery inspection and quality control of models from the brand as of late.  Well our example is no exception the latest charges – passenger side headlight fell off, and our models stance is somewhat suspect.  All four wheels don’t touch the ground, which you know creates a wobble effect.

Rear sees the same cooling vents on the side with solid pieces.  We do like the clean paint work of the cooling vents on the spoiler itself.  On the flip side the rear “turbo R” badge could have been completed with more care.  The original has some presence/depth, a creators final signature on the car if you choose.

Wheels are usually are strong point with GT Spirit, in this case they are.  The total package is clean and precise, the Gold wheels and Yellow calipers definitely set the stage.  However studying images of the 1:1 they seem slightly off.  Overall size is slightly too small or possibly the wheel-well opening are inaccurate.

Inside the RUF 911 (993) Turbo R all the basic elements are there.  What you won’t get with GT Spirit is the real depth and detail like carpeting, matting and flocking throughout the interior.  Rightly so, since the cockpit is sealed.

There are some layers to the interior.  Colours include Silver, Black and Chrome elements, some of which are defined.  There is also the turbo R script is the back area with stress bar.  The team also included fabric seat-belts to boot.  Overall a very good job.

RUF 911 (993) Turbo R from GT Spirit is a unique piece, not something may other brands would take on in scale, we Porsche fans thank them for that.  Paint work is great and overall the model will satisfy most.

We hope the teams gets back to their roots, don’t rest on past successes, and drive more invocation and passion.  What we mean here is do the collector right, don’t cut corners, ensure the basic overall proportions and body lines are mirrored and keep delivered product as issue free as possible.  These are fundamentals that should be the cornerstone for all brands.  Enjoy the pics!

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