REVIEW: GT Spirit Rauh Welt Begriff/Porsche 911 (993) Rotana •

REVIEW: GT Spirit Rauh Welt Begriff/Porsche 911 (993) Rotana

If you’re a fan of our website then you would have seen some past reviews and articles on the topic of RWB.  As of late, the market is flooded with these models in 1:18 scale.  The majority coming from GT Spirit, the resin and sealed-body brand specialists.  I promised no further reviews from RWB, but I had to squeeze in just one more of a unique specimen.  One of GT Spirit’s latest efforts is the Rauh Welt Begriff/Porsche 911 (993) Rotana – Akira Nakai personal track car.

From an exterior perspective, the car/model has some serious shelf presence.  The uber Matt Purple exterior is off the charts.  Well at least to me.  My girlfriend, on the other hand, wasn’t impressed and called it “un-manly”.  Did I lose my man card on this purchase? LOL!!!  One can appreciate the unique factor here.  And the artist Akira Nakai sure like to push the boundaries and buttons with some.

Overall exterior lines capture the design of the 1:1 well.  This includes the extended fenders, wings, and aero-dynamic bits found throughout the design.  The stance is also low and representative of the original.  So cool!  Rivets in the roof line and fenders are present too.

The front of the 993 Rotana features Black tinted headlights and indicators, toe hook, and large chin spoiler.  I’m happy to report the team used perforated metal grilles in all four lower intakes. Well done.

The rear is where the car design is most different than other RWB models in the past.  On top of the already massive OEM 993 rear duck spoiler, there is an additional two-tier spoiler added to the mix.  And it works!  Some will notice the supporting crossbars aren’t in place.  Based on what I gathered there is possible two rear spoiler designs.  One for all-out racing and the second for show.  So, in the end, the GT Spirit replica is accurate.

It is rare to see a motor in any detail on resin sealed models, but there is an exception with this one.  Since the car was replicated in full-race mode (bumper off) we have the benefit of more detail.  The 993 Rotana was designed with a removable rear bumper.  Cooling aid for track days!  I think this was a great call from GT Spirit. If definitely provides fans with a unique glimpse at a different perceptive of the RWB design.

Motor detail alone isn’t too shabby.  What is represented here is actually a Porsche 964 3.6l turbo engine.  It is modified tastefully with GReddy turbo and required tuning bits.  Chrome work is generally nice too.  I also appreciated the added detail of the Black mounting skirt for the rear bumper GT Spirit choose to add.  You can see what I’m speaking to in the photo above.

Wheels are executed very well in typical GT Spirit form.  But the issue and the only oversight I have with this model is the lack of aggressive off-set found in the wheel design here.  They are not representative of the original.  Also, I didn’t notice and images of the 1:1 which had chrome lips either.  Anyone see this differently?  Please comment here.

Inside the interior of the RWB 993, Rotana is sparse and nicely modelled after of the original.  Love the stripped out look of the interior and the additional detail the team placed in the lower chassis panels and door cards.  Sorry for the lack of photos.

I know many are most likely tired of the RWB Porsche parade, but this one deserves some face time.  The uniqueness factor of the model and design cannot be discredited.  Some love it and some don’t.  Let’s agree to disagree here.  The model itself is well executed on the hole.  The wheels are its weakest link, but something that will be surely only noticed by the true hardcore RWB fan club.  Poor quality control has been a theme of late with GT Spirit.  I’m happy to report zero issues with this example.

So is it a must-have?  For me yes.  If you’re a fan of the RWB genius this one is a must.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Robert says:

    And people thought the Superbird and Daytona looked stupid…

  2. Nordschleife says:

    Not my cup of tea.
    But thanks for the review.

  3. George K says:

    Wow. The reflection of those decals on top of the matte finish is terrible. Decals are bad on a glossy resin finish, but really bad on matte.

  4. RogerLodge says:

    The spoiler makes for an excellent towel rack.

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