REVIEW: Kyosho Lexus LX570 •

REVIEW: Kyosho Lexus LX570

Our team is somewhat taken back with the popularity of SUVs in scale.  2019 proved it even more so with the team at Almost Real taking a well-deserved first place win within our 2019 Model of the Year with their fabulous, and well-appointed Brabus 550 Adventure 4×4² replica.  The trend continues in 2020 with a recent sample we received from Kyosho, this is their replica of the Lexus LX570.

The Lexus LX570 from Kyosho is crafted in 1:18 scale and features full 360 access with a host of additional goodies.  We’ll explain more below.  The exterior is primarily diecast metal with a list of plastic parts to complete the finished package.  Retail, about $200 US.

From an exterior perspective, the Lexus LX570 isn’t the most attractive SUV on the road today.  What it does bring to the plate is size.  This SUV is enormous and it translates to the model.  It stretches 11 inches long and the height about 4 inches.

As for the overall design and execution, we’re pleased to say the team hit the mark on many levels.  Starting with the paint, it is consistent and fluid throughout.  We find no glaring issues.  For those that are curious, Kyosho defines this colour as Star Light Black.   The chrome work throughout is especially good, and there is quite a bit of it present.

A few of the exterior bonus items not that prevalent in scale today are the pivotal driver and passenger mirrors.  Also, the sunroof above is fully functional with an interior section that provides the ability to close in the coming light with a screen door.  That is impressive!  The operation of these features is flawless too!  We also wanted to mention the care taken to replicate the upper sun screening on the front window.  Damn, it looks as good as the real thing!

Moving to the front the Lexus grille catches centre stage, personally we’re not a huge fan of the design/statement.  As for execution, it is stellar, right down to the centre emblem.  Headlight and lower driving lights are too completed with quality materials and fit and finish.

The motor is accessible here.  As you can see two strut support are available on either side.  The engine and surrounding area are up to the task too.  The use of colour and OEM badges elevates the authenticity factor.  We think you’ll be pleased with the results.

The rear is our favourite piece of the Lexus LX570.  This is attributed to a few things, one, access to the inside is performed with two-door tail-gate style doors.   The lower section also features an active trim piece than sets once the lower door is in the open position.  Two, once inside there are two active seats.  Active meaning, they are fully positional as the photos will illustrate.  Exerting a scale model to the next level!

Notable mentions also go to the strut supports, interior badges – right side and on the lip on the lower tailgate and finally the taillights.  All elements are quality and help elevate the design from great to excellent.

The interior is accessible via all doors.  Again, the level of accomplishment here is on par with the rest of the model, excellent.  High-end finishes are present throughout, this includes the interior flocking, door cards, dash and centre console.  The front two seats also slide on rails.  The rear seating mirrors the front and passengers are also entrained with two monitors linked to seats in front.  Anything more would have been functional storage compartments, honestly, we aren’t complaining.

Wheels are standard multiple spoke issue.  They are superbly defined in chrome and Black.  In behind massive rotors are calipers complement the design.  This is mirrored in the rear wheels as well.  I don’t think we mentioned this earlier, this model comes equipped with fully spring-loaded suspension.  In addition, the undercarriage detail is quite impressive too.  Suspension bits are clearly defined as well and drive components, and note the full spare!  Well done!!

The Lexus LX570 from Kyosho is the real deal, it is one of the best, if not the best model we’ve seen the manufacture to date.  Even better than their glory days with the umbrella of classic Ferrari releases.  We can’t detect anything wrong with the model, it is that impressive!  It comes with an enthusiastic high recommendation.

So, being near perfect piqued our curiosity…  Why you may ask.  We recently reviewed their De Tomaso Pantera GT4.  Though we loved the model it was riddled with quality control issues.  We have been asking Kyosho for years to look into an alternative factory or make some serious adjustments.  This is easier said than done if you understand the business, and we don’t fully know it either.  Long story short, we discovered this model is actually made STwell.  Not sure of their history but they are China-based.  Also, depending on your location on this planet your packaged model might note this too, ours does not.

On a positive note if Kyosho has found an alternative manufacturing partner could you imagine the possibilities?  We can!  Let’s hope a new chapter is being written by Kyosho and this partnership serves its scale model division well.  And more newness is just around the corner.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: Kyosho Lexus LX570"

  1. kon_art says:

    I am no way near to like this Lexus, and SUV is not my cup of tea (I’ve sold all of them that I had). But this particular model looks to be executed so perfectly that it’s definitely a must have, especially in the upcoming white color! Seems to be as good as their legendary 1/18 Rolls-Royce Ghost.

  2. ss19 says:

    Structurally, it resembles the Toyota LC100 or even more LC200 from Paudi.

  3. HENRY CHEN says:

    This Lexus LX570 is based on the Toyota LC200 Land Cruiser platform. That explains the similarities between the bodies of the two cars. STwell is a China-based model manufacturer making OEM models (for the Car Manufacturers themselves as promotional items either as giveaways or for retail). There are many of these OEM model manufacturers in China, and I think the most popular of these is Paudi. As early as maybe some 15 years ago, these OEM models already have these additional features like folding side mirrors, opening sunroof, sliding seats, opening fuel filler lid, spare tires, etc. They really are great value for money. They may not be as nicely done as Autoarts of the day, but they sure trumped most model makers in features, apart from CMC and Exotic.

    • DS Team says:

      “They really are great value for money.”

      They definitely are. Some of us have various “Cinia” models in our collections. You are too kind, this one if better OVERALL (exterior, interior, undercarriage and special features/details) when compared to AUTOart of the day.

  4. Via says:

    The price of this product in the Chinese market is only $120, which is very cost-effective. This is completely produced and designed by well, and KK is only responsible for obtaining authorization.

    I think the current LCD and well are very excellent brands. The high quality and preferential price have been praised by a large number of consumers, surpassing the reputation of AR and other brands.

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