REVIEW: Looksmart Pagani Huayra BC •

REVIEW: Looksmart Pagani Huayra BC

The Pagani marque needs no introduction. The car we have today for review is the Huayra BC from Looksmart. Surprisingly, this is our first 1:18 scale model from them.   Though the presentation and execution seem great from the available photos found on the Internet, I wanted to do a deep dive on this replica.  So how did they do?

First off, the presentation/shipping box from Looksmart is exquisite. Our model is the opening price point piece without display cover, though it does ship with a base wrapped in a leather-like material. My personal torture of ripping apart the bottom finished section to access the four mounting screws will make the weak-hearted cry. If you have a Looksmart model, you know what I mean LOL.

The exterior lines of the model are top notch. Priced at $240CND, I would expect no less. The metallic grey paint along side the carbon fibre parts is nothing less than delicious!  There are a few hiccups.  Paint is not perfect, a few thick areas surround the exterior. Also, the carbon fibre wrap is very thin and delicate. Always handle this model with the utmost care.  There was a large section underneath the model that wasn’t applied correctly – ripples in the carbon wrap. I tried to use decal set to improve the finish, with no luck. This is in fact a factory quality control issue.  In a perfect scenario the carbon wrap should have been removed and re-applied.  Thankfully it is contained to the underbelly of the model.

If you’re not aware, this is a sealed resin model, so shutlines and panel gaps are as good as they are going to get on any scale model. Badge workings and decals throughout the model are completed with care, and present a quality look throughout.

The front of the Huayra BC is layered in fins, spoilers, flaps and what not.  All are executed with care and precision.  One miss is the driver side LED light, it is a little off centre.  Also all cooling intakes are crafted with solid pieces of plastic, no perforated bits here.  Carbon fibre work and headlight detail are very good, as the photos will show.

If you’re not careful, you will miss the Huayra BC badging integrated into the lower spoiler, passenger side.  Nice touch!

The rear end of the Huayra BC mirrors the front.  Massive wing takes centre stage.  Again, the carbon fibre work is very impressive.  Taillight materials and execution are very good too.  There is a mix of solid plastic and perforated metal pieces for the various openings.  Surprisingly, though the small ones are perforated, the larger areas are solid plastic.

Engine detail is little to none.  What you do see is what is available through the small glass opening from the top.  Sorry, no images of the underbelly.  I was too afraid of damaging the large exterior mirrors, and there isn’t much to see here anyway.

The wheels are a treat.  Massive rollers and deep-dish rears add to the attractive and magnetic nature of the Huayra BC.  The red calipers add a hot spicy element against the fairly monochromatic exterior. The added script to the tires is the cherry on top, which cements the don’t-mess-with-me attitude of the car.  Well done!

Looksmart’s representation of the Huayra BC ‘s cockpit is simple.  There is enough detail to satisfy most collectors; it isn’t lacking, but not spectacular either.  Price point is a factor here.  The colour palette is fantastic, carbon fibre throughout with red accent bits is superb.  Best view of the interior is definitely through the clear glass top.  Fabric seat-belts round out the interior execution.

The Huayra BC without a doubt is a showstopper.  The slick lines and carbon elements definitely capture the supercar ability, something that just sucks you in, like a gravitational pull.  In essence, what I’m trying to say is the car is damn sexy!  The Looksmart replica is not perfect, but the model does excel on many levels, as I have pointed out.  $240 isn’t cheap, but it also isn’t that expensive based on the current scale model landscape.  Until AUTOart creates their rendition, and that could be never, this model will be displayed proudly. In fact, she’s already found a place front and centre on my office desk.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Imran Razzaq says:

    I have the Autoart Diecast version of this in pearlescent white. It is a beautiful model. I am not sure why Looksmart are looking to replicate a model already in the market in a number of colour ways. I have also seen the Amalgam 250GTO announced. A model which has been replicated by countless manufacturers. I think the manufacturers have taken leave of their senses. I feel it is not going to be too long before one of the big manufacturers goes out of business. Too many models chasing less and less cash.

  2. Imran Razzaq says:

    You are right the BC hasn’t been made by AUTOart but the essence of my point is too many manufacturers are building the same/similar models and it is not sustainable.

  3. JM says:

    When we pay so much as BBR, Frontart, MR,… and nothing going open? NOT for me!!!

  4. Jimmy says:

    Also Huyara Roadster in 1:43 and 1:18 is included in future projects by Looksmart… This is not one of my favorite, but I think that we have a lot of Ferrari and Lambo from everywhere, not Pagani, so this by Looksmart is cool. :D

  5. Aiman says:

    HI, can i know from which website did you purchase this model from?

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