REVIEW: Minichamps Dealer Edition BMW M4 GTS •

REVIEW: Minichamps Dealer Edition BMW M4 GTS

The latest model to go under the microscope is the Dealer Edition BMW M4 GTS.  The M4 GTS is a special high-performance version of the standard M4.  With only 700 of these puppies being produced, the exclusive nature is enhanced.   The car is loaded with technical and engineering goodies.  The twin turbo I6 producing 493 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque can propel the car to a speed in excess of 300 km/h.  And boasting a 7 minute 28 second lap of the Nurburgring, this sedan is something special.  The scale model is manufactured by Minichamps, let’s see how she breaks down…

The exterior view of the M4 GTS is stunning.  In my opinion, the Matt Grey finish works with the Orange accents outside and in.  Ride stance is aggressive as it should be.  Overall body lines capture the original nicely.  Panel gaps and shutlines are okay.  My model overall is good, though the hood could use a little more finesse.  If you’re in the market for one check the model before purchase as I’ve seen some terrible examples of panel gap inaccuracies.

Upon closer inspection, the front of the car will reveal the cost cuttings in the model.  First off, the carbon fibre work is really poor.  Basically Minichamps textured the carbon into the lip.  What!  Also there are no perforated grills, all solid plastic bits here.  Finally the length of the chin spoiler is not accurate; the orange section should have 3-4 inches in depth, maybe 1 inch here.  On the plus side, at least the BMW logo is 3D.

The rear again features the cheap carbon fibre on the adjustable rear wing.  There is no adjustment available for the wing, it is static.  No access to the truck either, why it is sealed only Minichamps knows.  Boo!  It is definitely a cost cutting measure.  No huge loss though.

The engine here is accessible.  Overall detail is good.  It actually has the mechanics of the water-injection.  Though little accent colouring and again poor carbon fibre work leave you wanting more.  I guess if you’re handy at modifying scale models this would be a great project for you.

The wheels are very nice for the most part.  Minichamps did mimic the original scale and colouring of the wheel design, even the calipers are painted correctly.  As I mentioned before the ride stance is lovely, a perfect match for the aggressive nature of the special edition beast.

Inside the model is quite sparse based on the racing theme.  To my surprise the interior is fully carpeted.  Roll-cage in present and Racing seats along side fire extinguisher are here too.  The dash and centre console could have used a little more attention in defining specific areas.  Minichamps did include the GTS logo on the dash – passenger side.  Overall not too shabby.

The Minichamps BMW M4 GTS isn’t a great model, but it also isn’t a bad one.  The short comings are there, if you can over look them the model overall is very satisfying.  I look at this way; it is a very unique specimen, one I want in my collection.  Will someone else release it?  Chances are maybe not or maybe in sealed resin.  In the end I’ll let you decide.  Enjoy the pics!

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16 Responses to "REVIEW: Minichamps Dealer Edition BMW M4 GTS"

  1. Gandhi Ahimsaputra says:

    Hi, thx for the review. I have noticed that minichamps lately being less detailed & less touch up on the finishing. Maybe their QA section has become lower than the other model such as Kyosho or even AA. However, since M4 GTS is a special car dan I want to be in my 1:18 collection, based on your perception, do you think is worth to buy? How much do you pay for it?

    Thank you for your attention

    • DS Team says:

      If its important to you than yes. I did not pay for the model, I traded a friend for it. Check your local BMW dealer for pricing or order from one of our great sponsors.

  2. Alex says:

    overall it looks alright, though not great. Seeing that they skimped on the opening boot they could have given the bonnet better more accurate hinges..

  3. Sac says:

    Does the steering work, perchance ?..or are the front wheels like the JADA models and non steerable ??

  4. Sac says:

    How do the minichamps’ BMW models compare to the Paragon ones ??

  5. Daniel says:

    GT Spirit would do justice to this model. I wonder if they plan to release it?

  6. Beaucaore says:

    The M4 is a L6, not a V6 ;)
    Thé model is not bad, but in my opinion, it is far away from paragon and gt spirit.
    Particularly for thé front lights !

    • DS Team says:

      Disagree, I’ve handled many from all the brands, “far”, I don’t think so. Thanks for the engine configuration correction.

    • Moondawn says:

      The front lights on any GTS are pieces of art. No-one in a wide price range comes even close. But you don’t get any points fot that on this forum.

      • DS Team says:

        That isn’t necessarily true. We point out the headlight and taillight detail in almost all reviews. It doesn’t go into fine detail, and we usually rate as poor, fair, good, etc. Broad brushing seems unfair. This website is collaborated effort, you and others are welcome to write reviews. Link is available on main page, please include high-res images. TIA.

  7. alex says:

    I really like the real cars and it would be great to have one in my collection but Minichamps quality remains poor and not improving. I would happily trade working suspension for better detailing, accurate hinges (bonnet at least) and an opening boot lid. I much prefer being able to explore more of the cars detailed areas than having parts sealed or looking cheap and old fashioned.. Overall this model doesn’t impress me enough to purchase one..

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