REVIEW: Schuco Porsche Cayman GT4 (981) •

REVIEW: Schuco Porsche Cayman GT4 (981)

The Porsche Cayman GT4 is definitely my most anticipated model of 2016.  Ever since its reveal at the German Toy Fair back in January there was no other Porsche I wanted more in scale.  The best part, the model was going to be completed in diecast with accessible front and rear and interior bits.  Yes, diecast!  The brand we have featured today is Schuco, and one of their latest offerings is the 981 Porsche Cayman GT4.  I’m not going to go into detail about the general statistical elements of the latest Cayman, there has been plenty written on this marvellous car already, a simple Google search would reveal hours of reading material.  What I will say is Porsche has finally provided fans of the Cayman/Boxster a true representation of what this platform can do.  She’s absolutely stellar on so many levels.


As I mentioned the Cayman GT4 is manufactured by Schuco.  She is scaled in 1:18 and features a diecast body with plastic parts throughout.  Our sample’s exterior is completed in OEM Racing Yellow.  There is a second colour option available from Schuco, which is Black.  Paint for the most part is nicely executed throughout.  My sample has no issues, even the Black trim is completed with the same attention.  I’ve read reports of sloppy paint application here.



Body lines are true to the original and so is the overall stance, very aggressive, just how we like them!  Shutlines are very clean and panel gap tolerances are very good.  I’ve seen people comparing panel gaps to those of resin models available from GT Spirit.  Folks, this is unfair and not a true representation of apples to apples comparison.  Resin models are solid pieces of plastic, which we all know have imitation panel gaps, so their representation and tolerances are better, and in some cases exceed the 1:1.  On the flip side, unless these lines are painted you do not get the same depth and realism as one would see in a good diecast piece as represented here.


Nice attention to detail from Schuco, the Cayman GT4 features functional door for access to the gas cap.  Well done!


The front of the Cayman GT4 is nicely put together.  Unfortunately there are no perforated grilles on the lower bumper section or in front of the hood area.  What Schuco uses are solid bits.   I would prefer perforated, but what is used and executed is definitely no deal breaker.  Headlight washer elements are defined and headlight detail is very good too.  Inside the storage area you find two struts supporting the hood, operation is flawless.  There is also a button underneath the model to help aid in the opening department.  Inside the compartment is covered in carpet, and for the life of me I don’t know what the red part is.  Anyone?


The rear is much like the front.  The defining piece of the Cayman GT4 versus the standard Cayman in general is the large, massive rear spoiler.  It fits the car well.  Scale is spot on for both the wing and two supports.  The lower bumpers section does feature solid pieces, and the defined opening of these cooling elements may differ slightly from the original car.



Access to the rear compartment is available.  No struts support here, though operation is flawless and hatch does stay in the open position with ease.  There is not much more to offer than that, we have no access to the motor or suspension bits with the Cayman GT4.  Boo!  Also the upper and lower section of the visible areas are not covered in carpet, just painted pieces of plastic.  Definitely a miss!


The wheels on our sample are finished in Satin Platinum.  Execution of the wheels along side the braking components is just lovely.  The package is beautifully defined and provides the collector with a true sense of depth and realism.  My only complaint is the factory needs to take better care and ensure 100% proper fitment of the tires on all four corners, I noticed a sloppy trend over the last several Schuco reviews.



Inside the cockpit the Cayman GT4 is sound.  All areas of the interior are executed well.  Seats feature the Yellow stitching, GT4 logo and Yellow fabric seat-belts.  Dash, centre console and doors cards all have been crafted with care and each area has defined elements to keep the collector delighted.  Some misses included no texturing to represent Alcantara throughout (example: steering wheel and seats, etc); the centre console bits are there but are flat in comparison to the 1:1.  I do like complete carpeting throughout and the Cayman logo on the centre MMI system.


The Porsche Cayman GT4 by Schuco is without a doubt a must have!  It definitely isn’t perfect, but the price point of roughly $160CND makes the model very attractive, and it offers a lot more than ANY resin model can ever hope to offer.  Schuco has done another wonderful job at transposing a future classic to scale.  On the con side Schuco definitely needs to work on quality control.  I ordered five Caymans, one for myself and four friends.  Out of the five, one was missing the Porsche logo on the hood (did you notice it is missing from the photo on the box too), and the second had a passenger side seat that required re-gluing and a defective tire that is currently with the retailer to sort out.  That being said, their customer service to date has been stellar, and by no means should you second guess your purchase.  My last words are, resin will never replace DIECAST!  Enjoy the pics!

porsche_981caymangt42 porsche_981caymangt43 porsche_981caymangt44

porsche_981caymangt45 porsche_981caymangt46 porsche_981caymangt410

porsche_981caymangt411 porsche_981caymangt412 porsche_981caymangt415

porsche_981caymangt416 porsche_981caymangt418 porsche_981caymangt422

porsche_981caymangt423 porsche_981caymangt428 porsche_981caymangt430


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  1. BT says:

    Where did you buy? I asked before. the local store to me wants $240CND for one.

  2. Atalante says:

    “The wheels on our sample are finished in Satin Black” you meant Satin Platinum righ?

  3. Atalante says:

    On page 13 of that PDF: “The 20-inch alloy wheels of the new Cayman GT4 come painted in platinum color. A silver-colored or satin black finish is available as an option.” I really think Schuco’s intention was to reproduce the standard platinum wheel. The satin black wheels are a bit darker from the pictures in the document.

  4. JS Coleman says:

    Maybe Schuco will take over where AUTOart left off, by the looks of this piece.

    Thanks for the review…it’s good to know that there are still models worth getting excited about.

  5. J-B says:

    To answer you questIon: “Inside the compartment is covered in carpet, and for the life of me I don’t know what the red part is. Anyone?”

    …I believe it is the foldable warning triangle and first aid kit.

  6. Mikestroh says:

    Purchased mine at American Excellence Got it for a good price as well. Very Happy with this model. And I agree….Resin will never replace a good diecast model when executed properly.

  7. Imran Razzaq says:

    I picked this model up a few weeks ago. For GBP 110 it is a bargain. I bought the black version. The wheels are in satin platinum. The paint finish is excellent. The interior is not bad at all. I own a GT4 and it is great to finally have a diecast of a car I have.

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