REVIEW: Solido BMW (E30) M3 & M3 Sport Evolution •

REVIEW: Solido BMW (E30) M3 & M3 Sport Evolution

The E30 BMW M3 is considered by some as a purist car, a driving experience unmatched at the time.  We tend to agree.  Looks wise the car hits all the marks, and is by far a 180 departure the BMW brand offers today with the assortment of overly loaded bell and whistles that engulf the overall designs of the day.

Our next review comes from the Solido brand; they recently released two versions of the BMW E30 M3 in 1:18 scale.  They include BMW E30 M3 (Red) and BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution (Black).  Each is crafted in diecast metal and only offers access to the interior.  Retail is roughly $69CND each.

Out of the box, this was a first for me.  Driver and passenger mirrors are not fitted on the individual models.  The mirrors are found within a small bag taped to the base.  Install was a piece of cake, though I’m still puzzled as to why they aren’t mounted during the manufacturing process.  I’ll reach out to Solido for further explanation.

The M3 Evolution Sport is found in Black and the M3 in Red.  Paint is consistent throughout each piece.  Depending on your viewing angle the rise of irregular waves or orange peel effect are found.  If your expectation is AUTOart quality here I suggest you look elsewhere.  These are considered entry level, opening price point models, selling at 25% of a typical AUTOart release.

Overall dimensions and exterior lines of the model mirror the original well.  I would, however, say the rear lower section of the bumper angle is slightly inaccurate.  It is nothing too large of an error to hurt the overall appearance.  As mentioned access to the model is only provided to the interior.  Good marks for panel gaps, but the shut lines on our samples were below average.  If this is a pain-point for you I would lean towards the Black as it hides the issue much better than the Red.

The exterior differences between the two other than colour are as follows:  Red includes Black pin stripping in front and rear bumper, licence plate front and rear call out ‘BMW E30 M3’.  The Black is basically the same.  Differences include: Red pin stripping and the plate include ‘M3 Sport Evolution’.

The front of each model is identical from what I can see.  I’m not BMW authority, but possibly the Sport Evolution has a longer lower chin.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  Solido version of the E30 does also include the lower integrated fog lamps.  All materials here are average quality.  Also, the main grill is solid plastic with chrome centre.

The rear of the E30 BMW is basically the same between the two models.  Here you get a good angle to see the lower bumper pin stripping.  Also, note the visible Black secondary wing in the upper spoiler which is more apparent in the Red version for obvious reasons.  Materials for taillights are decent.  Simple decals used for BMW and M3 emblems.

I provided a look at the undercarriage.  With the option to remove mirrors is was quite simple to do without damage to the model when leaning on the side.  That’s one benefit!  As you can see it is quite simplistic with special attention given to the exhaust and muffler components.

Inside the M3 and M3 Sport Evolution vary slightly.  The M3 (Red) is the one I prefer of the two.  The all Black interior works well the exterior.  The Sport Evolution is completed in a two-tone Black and Grey and include infamous BMW pattern inserts found in seats and doors.

As for the interior itself, there isn’t much to it.  There is no flocking and pedals are integrated into the lower footwell.  Seat-belts are found front and rear but are painted into position.  The option of fabric is nowhere to be found.  Dash, centre console, and seats do provide a little depth, but the overall impression is again budget friendly.

Wheels on each piece are mirrored.  Each is painted in Silver and features BMW logo centre.  Calipers and rotors are standard on each, though the overall effect is once again budget friendly.

To sum it all up, what you have here from Solido is a good representation of the E30 BMW M3.  The exterior lines are true.  The provided photos will give you some good perspective of what you’ll receive.  For the price, the model delivers what it promises.  What we would like to see is more access, well at least to the motor.  The forward sweeping hoods on these cars is worth the price of admission alone.

If you’re looking for a finely detailed and dressed execution this specimen is not the model for you.  There are other options, some outrageously expensive.  Unfortunately, Solido needs to stick to their guns, to hit certain price points and to keep manufacturing costs down the attention to detail isn’t always available.  What Solido provides is a good, low price point model for those new to the hobby or to some that want an E30 in their collection but isn’t one of top importance.  Let’s not forget those who like to modify models, these examples are the perfect base.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. Ilka says:

    Love hoe they at least make the lights without the ugly hole in the middle.

    Slightly offtopic, but what is out there for classic Mini Cooper in 1/18? So far I’m leaning to Solido, as the Kyosho’s one, like their 1/18 Cobras as well, is out of proportions, and looking very toy-like overall. What are other choices apart from Solido, Kyosho or Bburago?

  2. SPhilli911 says:

    These look darn good for the price. I would assume they didn’t fit the mirrors to avoid potential shipping damage? Not a bad idea.

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