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Welly Pre-Production Ford GT

There was a spark of excitement when we first saw the news of a new production model from Welly.  A possible diecast, budget, and opening Ford GT?  That excitement was short lived once we saw confirmation of 1:24 scale instead of our favourite scale of 1:18.  As per Welly with no 1:18 scale.  This is their response “Tooling cost is incredibly high for 1:18 models”.  Sadly have we really come to this.  In the words of a good friend “BALLS”!

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8 Responses to "Welly Pre-Production Ford GT"

  1. George K says:

    Face it- the best days of the great die cast models are over. Resin will never take the place of a hand-assembled watch-like reproduction of a great car.

  2. slartibartfast229 says:

    I bought one of the 1/18th scale Maisto ‘exclusive’ versions (38134R) of the Ford GT in the same red colour and it is quite acceptable for the €40 it cost me.

  3. As George just – sad indeed. The days of the likes of AA’s, for example, Pagani Huayra (Bronze, red, white) gone. Arguably the best detailing of any 1/18th – in that price range. I was so taken by that issue that I smartly bought two (red, white) should have also gotten the Bronze as well.

    Here is the link to these Sold Out issues – sad indeed.


  4. Anthony says:

    Do you know of any 1/18 Ford GT with a working wing??

  5. David Quiroz says:

    I have a few 1/18 welly models and they were very good to an affordable price. An example of this, is the Bentley Continental Supersport I still own. The little details of the interior, precise mold, excellent color (charcoal) and more… I said “were” because I couldn’t find another ones.

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