ACME New Plymouth Belvedere Lightweight "Silver Bullet" •

ACME New Plymouth Belvedere Lightweight “Silver Bullet”

A little piece of classic American race cars comes from ACME in scale, welcome the 1:18 Plymouth Belvedere Lightweight “Silver Bullet”.  Full access with diecast metal panels provides an authentic taste of good old American muscle.  Only 700 pieces will go into production.  The release date is scheduled for February 2020.

About the Plymouth Belvedere Lightweight “Silver Bullet..  “In February of 1967, Chrysler developed and produced 55 very special Plymouths aimed at dominating the 1967 drag season. The Belvedere II RO23 was the result. The basic Belvedere hardtop was already a favourite among hot-rodders, and Chrysler’s approach was very simple, take as much out of it as possible – and then add as much extra power as the rules would allow. Hundreds of pounds were lost as carpets were replaced by rubber mats and body insulation and sealer for the seams went too. There was no radio, not that you’d have been able to hear it. With a custom-tuned version of Chrysler’s hemispheric V8 featuring a custom cam and dual four-barrel carburetors breathing through a huge bonnet intake, there was 425hp available to the rear wheels, and a deep dark growl as the beast got underway. The result was a brutal 1/4 mile Plymouth that immediately made its mark!”

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