Almost Real McLaren P1 GTR James Hunt Edition Ready! •

Almost Real McLaren P1 GTR James Hunt Edition Ready!

Fans of Almost Real projects can now purchase the 1:18 McLaren P1 GTR James Hunt 40th Anniversary Edition 2016 car.  The team has finally officially released a McLaren in 1:18 scale.  The latest production images definitely look tasty!  Retail is suggested at $188 US.  The model itself features full 360 access with diecast metal and plastic parts.  We’ll reach out to the team for sample, review to come!

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4 Responses to "Almost Real McLaren P1 GTR James Hunt Edition Ready!"

  1. Wildman Bradley says:

    I checked on the Almost Real Diecast website..They dont have any photos or release date for this piece..Its not released yet..

    • DS Team says:

      We checked with AR, the stock will be available next week. On a side note, a sample will be coming, that means full detailed review to come!

  2. TgrClw says:

    AA does better brakes. My problem with this specific model is that the caliper doesn’t cover the rotor like it should. There is about 30% of the rotor that is not being touched by the caliper. Either the caliper is not positioned properly or too small.

  3. John says:

    Can’t say to looks Almost Real, at the frontcompartment it isn’t even close to real: , the engine looks nothini special compared to the real one:×1168/p1gtr_03.jpg?mode=max&quality=90&scale=down
    Slide window ruins the side view, the way they made it.
    So it’s full open, but does it satisfy?

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