Auto World Lotus Esprit Submarine/Street Editions •

Auto World Lotus Esprit Submarine/Street Editions

News from the Auto World camp is a couple of classics, one from the UK scene the Lotus Esprit and the second made famous from the James Bond character and films, the Lotus Esprit Submarine car.  Both models offer up a metal exterior and full access, though the overall finer details are a little underwhelming.  These are in fact pre-production samples, hopefully, a little more finesse will go into the final production examples.  Each is set to arrive in early 2023.  On a side note, and if you can find one, AUTOart made a brilliant version of the submarine car 20 or so years back!

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2 Responses to "Auto World Lotus Esprit Submarine/Street Editions"

  1. Karsten says:

    After the DBS I reviewed here, I will give this one a pass.Dimensions look all wrong to me.

  2. kenneybee says:

    I like it, it might not be perfect but for the price a good buy.

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